Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meekly Weal Plan and smore crap

Lots of cookbook cooking going on here. I am getting anxious to have all my existing recipe concepts finished so I can move onto thinking of new ones and finish up this part of my cookbook. Hey Sheena! Respond to my e-mail so I can send you recipes to photograph!

Monday: Steak and Cake with Verbecky's.
Tuesday: Grilled flank steak with chimichurri sauce, steamed broccoli and brown rice pilaf
Wednesday: Penne with shredded chicken with citrus herb vinaigrette and watermelon.
Thursday: Spinach artichoke turnovers and steamed broccoli.
Friday: Chicken and grilled veggie tacos, refried beans and rice.
Saturday: Sesame udon noodles with chicken and broccoli.
Sunday: Grilled ribeyes, loaded mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus and mint brownies.

The ones in orange are cookbook recipes. The spinach artichoke turnovers are like making a traditional dip part of a meal. All the goods of a dip put into puff pastry and baked. I am quite excited about this one. I am also going after the perfect refried beans for the 5th time. I am pretty sure I have the right idea this time. Refried beans are an art form, believe me. It has been so hard getting it right.

The sesame udon noodles are something I have been making for a while, but I recently decided to add them to the book. There seemed to be a spot for them. No noodle recipes in the book! For shame! Grilled ribeyes are in the book so you can wow your man with your ability to give him a restaurant quality steak. And the mint brownies are bound to be delicious. I think I might have an idea on how to get perfect homemade brownies. Cake flour instead of all-purpose.

This is Jack's last week of school. I am pretty nutso about him continuing school work through the summer. One of the things he will be doing is a summer reading chart. Reward is going to Lagoon with Mom and Dad. The kid is not big on reading and I am trying so hard to get that to change.

Violet is currently recovering from a bit of strep. We caught it early, so she isn't suffering too bad. But she has watched more movies and drank more chocolate milk in the last two days than she has in 2 months. But whatever.

Van's birthday is right around the corner. He keeps telling me he needs a big boy bike. So that is what he will be getting. As with the Razor scooter, I am sure he will master it quickly. He also doesn't want a birthday cake but pecan shortbread caramels instead.

Ethan and I have a bit of business maintenance this week. Write a few new online specials, organize the storage unit and find a ton of money somewhere. The last one has been a bit more tricky this year.

My main focus this week is not eating like a moron. I ate SO MUCH CRAP this weekend. Burgers, fries, cupcakes, donuts, candy, steak, cookies, ice cream, chips. Ugh. I woke up today and apologized to my body for abusing it so much. A Costco trip is in order so I can load up on more fruits and veg and fix the damage. But I did hike the Y over the weekend with Kalli and it was lovely. She had us hike to the very top and it was worth it. Lots more hikes with Kalli planned this summer.


  1. Ugh! Do I miss seeing your cute face every Sunday in RS? You freakin bet! Too bad I don't live in your family because I'd sure be eating the yummiest meals ever. Keep up the good work- can't wait to snag your shnazzy cookbook. Love you. Natalie

  2. Do you ever buy from Bountiful Baskets? The weekly fruit/veg coop?

  3. oooh penne with shredded chicken sounds like a pasta that would work well in this heat! going to try it out.