Monday, May 7, 2012

Meekly Weal Plan

Meekly Weal plan is back this week. Here is what I have planned.

MONDAY! Grilled chicken quesadillas with chile pepper spread and fresh pineapple.
TUESDAY! Baked sweet and sour pork chops and brown rice.
WEDNESDAY! Violet Girl's Birthday! Her faves: Spaghetti and garlic bread and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream. As I type this, Vi is sitting on my lap and trying so hard to tap the keyboard. I cannot believe my girl will be two. Did you know I had her on Mother's Day? Lucky me!
THURSDAY! Sweet soy chicken and rice and roasted broccoli. I also have to make a soup for a women's church activity. Corn chowder with bacon and chives.
FRIDAY! Red beans and rice and steamed broccoli. Click on the link for the red beans and rice and then go buy a bag of it. It's a family favorite around here and SUPER easy. I usually make it when Ethan and I are going on a date. This weeks' date? A truly thrilling fireside at the stake center about temple symbolism. But in all seriousness, I am sure it will be inspiring and I will learn a lot.
SATURDAY! Leftovers. Because there will be a lot of them.
SUNDAY! Braised chicken thighs with mushrooms and red onions, roasted broccoli, rice and chocolate cream pie. Mother's Day is Sunday and most moms will expect to sit on the couch while their spouse makes them dinner. But really, I love to cook and cook in silence. So I will have Ethan take the kids on a walk to the pond while I cook and that will be the perfect Mother's Day dinner for me. But he can clean it up.

Lots o' broccoli this week. No real reason, I just like it. I plan on buying a huge bag at Costco.

All the recipes highlighted in orange are recipes that will be in my book.  Lots of cookbook cooking this week. As I said previously, I have a list of recipes that need just a bit more attention. And my family are my test monkeys. I just decided yesterday that the final recipe count for the book will be 125. "The Family Flavor: 125 Practical Recipes for the Simple and Delicious". As of this very moment, that leaves me with 19 new recipes to come up with. But I don't think that will be hard. I can think of recipe ideas all day, but it's the part where they come to fruition that is the tricky part.


  1. Whit -
    Thank you for helping me meal plan. I have been in lala land for sometime now and need a helping hand.
    Love ya - Neen

  2. dude. i am seriously excited for your cookbook! we do red beans and rice, too...i just bought the stuff to make it on monday, ha! only i do it in a crockpot with dried red beans, onion, and sausage....the kids love it so much that one of them asked for it to be his birthday dinner!