Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Next to me sits a big blue bowl of watermelon chunks and a little blond curly with watermelon juice dripping down her chin. With our combined forces, I think we are going to polish the bowl off in about 15 minutes. The watermelon is leftover from last night's festivities, a going away party for my sister Mallory and her husband Nick. The ones moving to Belgium. The party was a huge success. Thanks go to:

Ethan, for being so incredibly supportive of my partying endeavors. He isn't selfish with his catering abilities. He loads his truck with equipment, helps me figure out how many ounces of carne asada to buy, grills all of the food and all the while keeps a very calm head.

My mom, for bringing the cutest cake and helping with food.

My sister Caitlyn, for making an awesome banner and keeping my children in check.

Nick's mom, Kathleen, for providing her home and her outstanding backyard.

Now the party is over and my brain moves onto the next event. Jack's school class spring party. Something outside with water and popsicles. After that is grilling how-to night with Krista. More on that later.

Today my mother in-law is coming for a quicky visit. She does such a fantastic job as a grandma away. She sends fun packages in the mail and cute cards to the children. And when she comes to visit, she sits on the floor and does puzzles with Van, colors with Jack and reads books with Violet. Not a moment wasted!

Also today, I am wearing my rainy day clothes. My black leggings and gray button-up plaid tunic shirt. Actually, come to think about it, these are my napping clothes too! Looks like I have to take a nap today.

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