Friday, May 11, 2012

A whole lot of nothing.

***Until I figure out the issues with making this dang blog private, I will keep it public. I have been getting lots of e-mails of people craving my blog. Okay, maybe not that. But at least lots of nice people that are unable to read this crap. So public until private works. (Does that sound kind of naughty?)

I should be cleaning the kitchen, but I am not. Plates with remnants of scrambled eggs and toast crusts need to be rinsed and loaded into my hardworking dishwasher. I also need to put away the two basket of folded laundry from last night. Last night was a late night. We found out that our dog niece Dakota was hit by a car and died. And the people that hit her didn't even stop. Her parents, Jarrett and Jenn, are devastated. And understandably so. Jack suggested that after school, we let off some balloons for her to play with in heaven. So that is what we will do.

This weekend is Mother's Day weekend. I am not one to sit around and wait for my family to do nice things for me. It's just not who I am. And frankly, they aren't very good at that. So I decided that this year, I start a new Mother's Day tradition. Breakfast in bed for the little people that made me a mother. Candied bacon, scrambled eggs and buttery english muffins. They will be so happily surprised. Becoming a mother truly made me a better person. I became less self-involved and I found out that I am quite capable of doing hard things. Becoming a mother has been empowering. So my day will be spent focusing on them, instead of expecting my husband to be my live in servant, which I have done in the past and it just doesn't seem right.

I am sort of hitting a wall with my healthier eating. I feel like if I eat another salad, I might cry. Big fat tears over a pile of beautiful mixed baby greens. I need to find a way to change things up.

Does anyone have any good ideas on how I can get Jack to wear flip flops? He claims skaters don't wear flip flops, so he won't either. Have I looked through pages and pages of Google Images looking for a picture of Shawn White wearing flip flops? I am getting desperate. It sort of sucks when your kids grow up and actually care what they wear. Like he WILL NOT wear polo shirts or button up shirts. It was hard enough to get him to start wearing shorts. When we had family pictures last summer and he wore a polo shirt, I had to bribe him with a pack of gum. While it is irritating, it's also funny. Jack is one quirky dude.

Violet turned 2 and it was relatively boring. I mean, she's 2. I am not one to throw big parties and expect her to care or her party guests to care either. In fact, I think huge parties for babies and toddlers are incredibly self-indulgent. And a waste of money. "But it's for the pictures!" Liar, it's for the mom and her own self-involved reasons. (Cue the nasty comments from people that will never read my blog again. Don't care.) But back to Violet. On her day, we probably sang happy birthday to her 10 times. I took her to Cabela's to see the dead animals, she ate a sugar cookie for lunch, played outside, did bubbles and played with her brothers. All things that make her truly happy. Dinner was her favorite- spaghetti. When it came time to blow out her #2 candle, she cried. I think all the singing and fire were too much for her. She loved her Yo Gabba Gabba beanie babies and she takes them everywhere.

Well this was sort of a long post. I really should get on those dishes and laundry. Have a wonderful day and if you are a mother, have a happy Mother's Day and love up those littles that made you a mom.


  1. I bought some flip flops at Target for Brad and I'm almost positive they were Shawn White brand!! Yep...just checked. These are the ones! (hope this helps!) -MarieD

  2. Or does Jack need more proof than just a name on a label, lol? MD

  3. Amen for the over the top themed parties for little ones! We sang happy birthday to Jonas at least 10 times too...and had him blow out a candle that we use (probably when we conceived him it was used)in our bedroom. Bret and I got a little laugh out of that.

    I'm more for having the day spent doing things that the birthday person would love to do. For Jonas that was story time, sprinklers and bubbles. Easy and it made him happy...YES!

    I got to the point that salads would literally make me gag! I started doing a lot of steamed broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, etc. with a good lean protein for a few weeks and I found with that switch up I actually killed that weight loss plateau that I was at.

  4. Totally with you on Mother's Day. Last year my husband was gone for some reason and I played basketball, jumped on the trampoline, and played with action figures until we were all pooped. it was awesome and really changed my thought process about mother's day. besides, it is always on sunday anyway so it's not like were going to go out and do something crazy being the sabbath and all. :) with you on the bday parties, too.

  5. hahaha I will agree with your statement about Jack. He is so adorable. Josh says that Navy seals wear flip flops when they aren't on duty. Maybe that will help. :)

  6. This is why you have summer birthdays and substitute backyard bbq's for parties. Birthday parties are so overrated.

    Unless they involve Little Ceaser's, a splash pad, and a donut cake. Those are all good things.

  7. What about slides - would Jack wear them?

  8. My kids won't wear flipflops either. Or shirts with collars. Or jeans. Or pretty much anything I like. I decided a while ago to exchange that battle for a battle that might matter 10 or 20 years from now... (If only I had a crystal ball that would accurately display what will matter 10 or 20 years from now. Sigh.)

  9. Im totally with ya on the bday party thing! Ilove your take on Breakfast on mothers day...ou are such a great mom!