Friday, June 15, 2012

At the moment

At the moment...

A headache. I have a headache. My headaches make their home right on my forehead. It hurts, but I am too lazy to go find some ibuprofen.

My eyes are windburned. Fun fact about your friend Whitney: She has very sensitive eyes. Sensitive to sun, touch, wind, mascara, eye shadow, contact lenses. Pretty much anything. Today was windy and my eyes are hating me for being out in it.

Guy Fieri is making me want to eat yummy food. "Diners Drive-ins and Dives" is on. Sometimes, but not always, this show makes me so hungry. If they make fresh pasta, it makes Ethan "litcherally" angry that we don't have any places around here that make fresh pasta.

Next to me sits a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. We are enjoying each other's company very much.

Three swim suits are in the washing machine. Only two actually got wet. The other one, the pink ruffly one, it's wearer spent the afternoon walking around the swimming pool eating watermelon and crackers and throwing toys in the water. She isn't much of a swimmer.

A commercial is trying to convince me that Greek yogurt is good. Gag. Gross. Never.

My mom, sister and brother in-law are resting up for a day tomorrow in Disneyland Paris. Yes, I said Paris. I hate them.

I am obsessed with the new Jason Mraz album, "Love is a Four Letter Word". Definitely his best album yet. Every song is excellent. THIS ONE makes me cry if it comes on at the right time. It says so much about how I feel as a mother.

Jack is cruising through his summer reading chart. 50 days of reading for 25 minutes earns him and a day at Lagoon with just Mom and Dad. He isn't big into reading, so I am hoping this summer reading chart helps.


  1. There is a place that makes fresh pasta. It's in Orem. By Smith's. I can't remember the name, but it will come to me. I think it starts with a P. Or an F.....

  2. Greek yogurt... you just haven't tried the right kind yet. Never say never.....

    Cafe Paesan! It's better than you'd think... I hope it's still open. *jazz hands*

  3. Yes to Mraz. Jess and I are going to that concert in October. Should be lotsa fun.

    And the only thing that makes Greek yogurt bearable is a big handful of good granola. We buy Chobani for the protein, but I'm no yogurt fan.