Thursday, June 28, 2012

At the moment.

At the moment:

Two littles are asleep. Van always naps in my bed because otherwise, he would play Legos for 2 hours and not sleep. Naughty little handsome beast.

Giant fans are blowing, trying their hardest to dry up my carpets. It's a good day. My carpets got cleaned. I am such a nice mom and wife when I have clean carpets.

Some big hunks of pork are simmering in a sweet and spicy tomato sauce, destined to be shredded and made into shredded sweet pork tacos. Basically, my favorite thing to eat. I am planning on cilantro, avocado and tomatillo salsa on top.

Speaking of that salsa, my sister Megan would gobble it up. She loves green salsa.

Ethan is some where, on the phone. He now works two jobs and when one is done, he gets on the phone and works on the other. What a tired, kind husband.

Jack is playing with my phone. Probably Temple Run or Angry Birds. I thought I was against kids playing on phones until I started using it as a bribery tool. "Wanna play on my phone? Go scrub a few doors."

A cute card is on it's way to Belgium. For my sister. I have never sent mail out into the world. Like out of the US. It's felt sort of fancy to put three stamps on it.

I am planning Pool Day food. Every Friday is swim day at my parent's house. I am thinking I will have my mom whip up some of her divine pizza crust and we will make grilled pizzas.

I am nervous about my meeting with the bishop tonight. A new calling will be given to me. Please bless it isn't something really hard. You know me, I don't like to do anything that requires me to do anything.

A big ol' oxygen concentrator is sitting upstairs in my room. Mr. Takes-Longer-And-Costs-More took a sleep test a few weeks ago and turns out he now has to sleep with oxygen now, or until he gets to have a slumber bumber at a sleep lab. I am sure he will look so sexy while he sleeps, you know, with an oxygen tube up his nose. You never know, I could be totally into it. Very rest-home rugged.


  1. rest-home rugged=classic. Clean carpets=never overrated. Good luck with the meeting with the bishop. If I were that bishop I'd try to come up with a calling for you to cook for me. Maybe compassionate service leader- and then I'd suddenly need lots of compassion.

  2. ...."I don't like to do anything that requires me to do anything"....yeah, me, too. :)