Monday, June 18, 2012

Faja's Day

What a day, what a dad! Actually, it really wasn't a big day. When asked, Ethan wanted to sleep in and eat his favorite cake. Buttermilk cake with whipped cream and strawberries. He is a simple man. I granted his requests and he slept in so late that he was late to our 1:00pm church meeting. And it's understandable. He catered a big event the day before. I spent the morning making his most favorite cake. It's in the book. And it's actually not mine. It's Karla's recipe. The key is not over-whipping the cream. So many people do that. Cream is supposed to be light and smooth. So many people whip it until it's chunky. Don't do that!

The boys got their Legos back yesterday morning after having them taken away for a week. I mentioned it on Instagram. "... Sadly, you cannot talk to your mother like she is the stupidest person on earth and still have your Legos." Poor boys.

Sunday also included our first church meeting as the new North Lake 4th Ward. Our ward was split and a new ward was formed. It was weird. We aren't in the same building. There are lots of new people. But change is good. In the big meeting with all the adults, everyone was supposed to talk about themselves and say where they live, who they are and what they do. I botched it. I think I was trying to be funny and I just remember jazz hands at one point. Someone stop letting me out in public.

Today is Costco and mostly just for watermelon. Costco has been getting their watermelons from heaven this year. I have been keeping a count. We have gone through 5 Costco watermelons so far this summer. Uh huh. And mostly eaten by me. Costco will also include a few snacky things because my children refuse to stop eating all the damn time.

I feel like I should talk more about Ethan as a dad. He does read this here blog and I think he might be a leetle bit bummed if I don't write wonderful things about him. So here Ethan, here are my favorite things about you as a daddy to Jack, Van and Vi.

-You don't scrimp on letting them eat fancier food. Jack can take apart a crab leg better than most adults because you taught him how. Van likes creme fraiche and smoked salmon on crisp potato pancakes because you showed him the way.

-You brush Violet's hair after giving her a bath. Sometimes I am too lazy to do that and you get bummed on me about it.

-I love hearing you sing to her when she goes to bed. I hear it through the baby monitor. It's sweet.

-You are forever making things out of Legos for Vanny. Hopefully someday he gets over his Lego phase so you aren't making Legos with him when he is 20.

-You take the kids anywhere. Costco, golfing, grocery store, bank, mall, Apple store, restaurants, CALIFORNIA. What a guy!

- You keep our yard pristine so our kids have a luscious lawn to play on. Seriously people, I will bet my lawn is more green and weed-free than yours.

-You get up with Violet Girl in the middle of the night more than me. And usually, you just wake her up to play because she is so cute.

-You are excited for Jack's sports. You adore watching him excel and that makes me happy.

-You have way more patience for Van's dramatics than me.

Thanks man, you are a pretty grand daddy-o.


  1. I liked the jazz hands.... it was the real you.

  2. Cracked up about jazz hands....I often say to myself after I've had a conversation with another adult, "why did I say that?!" And on Sunday I gave a talk in church and I am usually never nervous to get in front of people and talk ( if I am prepared) but this time I pretty much was ridiculous. I think I even smacked my lips in the mic. Good thing there were only 20 people there total. I counted.