Sunday, June 10, 2012


My condolences to the hair world as a whole. The other night, you lost a great asset, some beautiful long tresses. I am not bashful about how great my hair is. Like I have said before, it's my one true beauty. BUT I JUST COULDN'T DO IT ANYMORE!!!

My beautician, hair-genius sister had previously refused my impulse hair-cut requests. She had had to many experiences with me calling her the next day, regretting my hair chop. But then I texted her and she gave in.

So last night, we did it. 4 inches off. I am a new girl. Less hair, more volume, less time doing it in the mornings, more bounce.

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  1. Post a pic!! I am totally with you...I love my hair long, it's the only thing I can say I actually like about myself. BUT. I can only do it for so long and then I chop it off to my chin.