Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just another day in paradise.

Just another day in paradise.

My to-do list is dull as ever. Laundry, a few church duties, write up the refried beans recipe, maybe scrub the kid's bathtub. I think I might mix things up a bit and add a Slurpee somewhere in there. I know, I am such a party animal.

I had anticipated not having any TV on this summer. But turns out that isn't the case at all. We have been watching so much TV. "John Carter" over and over again, plenty of "Kick Buttowski" and our fair share of "Yo Gabba Gabba". And I am not even bothered by it. TV is almost essential with my kids. It's how I get them to calm down, chill out and stop fighting. Violet especially has to have her YGG after her afternoon nap or she is toxic and mean.

When the boys aren't watching TV, they are probably in the backyard in what was supposed to be my garden. Van adopted a dirt patch and made it his mud pit/construction site/monster truck rally arena. The boys are back there all the time making rivers, truck jumps, trenches and buildings. I would rather have a daily 2 hours of play when the boys are getting along instead of a garden that probably won't yield all that well.

On another note, who wants to buy me a new bra? When I lost some weight, the first thing to go were my boobs. Kind of a bummer.


  1. I went from a full C to barely a B after 3 kids and losing weight. The first place I always loose it is in my's also the LAST place I gain it back.


  2. You are so funny
    Whitney! Thanks for the cute entry! And you look amazing!

  3. How's John Carter? I haven't seen that yet.

    I lost some boobs too. Good bras are so darn expensive. I love losing weight but clothing my changing body is annoying. I rotate like 5 outfits right now because I refuse to buy very much clothes with each size I go down to. I dream of the clothes I'll buy when I get to my goal body.

    Way to go on your weight loss! you look great. :)