Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meekly Weal Plan

This week is so much less stressful than last week. Last week was the farm-to-table dinner. What a success! While it was perfect, I remembered how much I hate catering. Too stressful for me. Like how I opened the cooler and my arugula pesto had spilled EVERYWHERE. I said a string of swear words that only come out of very dirty mouths. Ugh, catering. Ethan is calm as a cucumber. It takes something truly catastrophic to stress him out when it comes to catering events. I will do a big post on how the dinner went. It deserves a post. Despite my stress, it was a beautiful evening.

Last week, my kids ate lots of pizza and random fast food, as did I. This week, it's time to fix that.

MONDAY: Barbecue chicken legs and steamed broccoli. Trick to good chicken legs on the grill? Medium heat and grill the chicken slowly. Turn often, cooking the chicken evenly. Once the chicken is cooked through, paint on barbecue sauce and cook the chicken just until the barbecue sauce is caramelized.
TUESDAY: Penne with Costco basil pesto, white beans and toasted walnuts. My favorite summer meal.
WEDNESDAY: Quinoa and black bean taco salad. My kids aren't keen on a big salad for dinner. Actually, Violet is very keen on that. She loves lettuce. Weirdo. For the boys, they will get a scoop of the quinoa and beans and then a cheese quesadilla.
THURSDAY: Shredded sweet pork tacos and Mexican rice. I am going to try making my Mexican rice with brown rice.
FRIDAY: Whole wheat pepperoni pizza. Friday night is always movie night. This Friday's movie is "Night At the Museum 2".
SATURDAY: Whole wheat buttermilk pancakes and bananas. And we will use Kenny's Cinnamon Syrup on top. Kenny, a family friend, made us a big jar of the cinnamon syrup his late mother used to put on pancakes when he was growing up. It is phenomenal. I will try and get the recipe from him and post it.
SUNDAY: Dunno. I think my mother in-law will be in town and we always try and have a big, delicious dinner when she is in town. I am thinking of maybe going up the canyon and grilling.

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  1. that syrup sounds like the business! awaiting recipe...drooling....