Sunday, June 3, 2012

Primary, Comedian, Flipovers

It's the best when your husband announces that he wants to cook Sunday dinner. So right now, I am on my bed with a bowl of chips and no kids. This never happens. It's pretty grand. I think dinner is grilled chicken, roasted potatoes and something else. If I am up to it, I am going to make mint brownies later.

Church was sort of big today. They finally announced that President Monson has approved a ward split. Our ward is the kind you hear legend of. Like 250 kids in primary, 4 nurseries and unbelievably loud during Sacrament meeting. I am happy and so sad. So sad to say goodbye to so many great people, but happy for change. It reminds me of when our Upland ward was split years ago and the closing song at the split meeting was "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go". President Boland didn't want to hear any riff raff about the split!

As I have been sitting on my computer, I have seen lots of pictures of lots of friends doing this weekend's Dirty Dash. It's a race where you get all dirty and muddy. As I am looking at the pictures, I am trying really hard to see the allure. I don't like to be dirty. I don't even like to go camping. This Dirty Dash thing has me baffled.

Van thought he would be a comedian today and hide from us 10 minutes before we had to leave for church. We yelled his name all over the neighborhood, I drove around the neighborhood in the truck imagining all the horrid things happening to him. Surely a pedophile picked him up. I just knew it. And then the little jerk came down the stairs and said, "Boo! I surprised you!" He was hiding in the freaking closet. And then he got yelled at and spanked. It was a great note to begin our Sunday worship on.

Speaking of Van. Cutest thing ever. The other night, I made spinach artichoke turnovers for dinner. They were a huge hit. Later in the evening, Cute Van was hungry and asked, "Can I have one of those flipovers?" Cute, right? Cute only when he isn't hiding in the closet and pretending he was kidnapped by rapists.

I would like to formally announce that I have 94 cookbook recipes done and done! That leaves me 31 left to finish or think of a concept for. That thrills me!


  1. They split out ward today as well. Although from the sounds of it, your ward was much more in need than ours! So excited for your cookbook!

  2. Because it's hilarious and hard, and you feel like a bad ass doing all those obstacles and running through muck. You've never appreciated a shower so hard after something like that.


  3. By the way, she wasn't feeling up to it...there were no such mint brownies :-(
    Honey you are doing an amazing job on your book and I'm super proud of you!

  4. the 1st sentence of this post has me baffled. ryan would never. i'm jealous. and after reading jayce dugard's book, i freak out if i can't see wendy for 3 seconds, i would have probably called the cops after 5 minutes. glad van just got spanked instead of kid-napped. miss you guys.

  5. So its funny because I ran the Dirty Dash. At the time I loved it and thought it was so fun - but now looking at the pictures I, in my mind am thinking 'What was I thinking??' Ha ha.