Sunday, July 29, 2012

A few things

I don't get "The Death" very often, but when I do, it hits me hard and knocks me down. Today, I have it. Achey, tired, barfy, more tired. I hit me last night while I was making 4 dozen cupcakes for a cousin's missionary homecoming. Lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream. Luckily I didn't hurl on the cupcakes. I am hoping to be tip-top tomorrow. Nothing worse than being sick and having kids. And I save my SOS calls to my mom when I really need them.

Speaking of my mom, she is the greatest. She just is.

Jack goes back to school on August 21. I can't wait. I like schedules, I like routine. All of that goes out the window in the summer. Plus, Jack and Van have been fighting like the dickens. We need to go do a bit of school shopping for classroom supplies and unders and socks. I always do new underwear and socks at back-to-school time. We don't really do a big back-to-school shopping spree because their summer clothes do them just fine until cold fall sets in. Oh yeah, new shoes too. Jack has a hole forming in the sole of his shoe, which makes me happy. Use it up, wear it out, make it due or do without is a big deal with kids clothing for me.

Keeping it real: This last week was crap. Crappy crap. So much stress, anxiety, frustration etc. Husband working A LOT, sisters showing up at my house to tell me how mad they are at me, not being able to go to the gym as much as I want to, missing soda a lot. I miss drinking a cold Coke Zero when I am stressed. I am really hoping this next week is better.

I am slowly getting ready to put Violet in her big girl bed. It has been set up in her room for over 6 months now. I haven't had the bedding I wanted so it has just been set up, bare mattress and ugly. But things are starting to shape up. Her toy organizer will be here this week and so will her comforter. Once I get her bed all set up, we will do a few practice runs with naps and then the crib will be gone. That is huge people because I have had a baby in a crib for the last 7 years. Now it will be sent to Grandma Sue's for grand children and safe keeping. I get all weird and sappy when Violet moves out of little baby stages.

Well, I am off to do my Sunday ritual of finger nail painting and menu planning. I have such a glamorous life.


  1. Family drama always feels like poo.
    Take comfort.
    My mum called my bishop from interstate to tell him what a jerk I am this week. Yep. Um, she wonders why we don't want contact? Exhibit A.
    I hope things mend inside and out for you.

  2. Can you please send me your meal plans and do my grocery shopping? I can take it from there.

  3. I made our meal plan last night at midnight. I should make it a ritual too.

  4. Whit, the death sucks... I am sorry. Sibling Drama isn't fun either... I am sorry for the tough week. But know that I look up to you in so many ways. You are an incredible woman who is setting a great example for so many (mainly Im Speaking for me)..

    I hope this week has brought better happiness to you! I love you!