Tuesday, July 17, 2012

At the moment:

A bowl of hummus and baby carrots is sitting next to me. Afternoon snack. #feedthatmetabolismsosheisfastaslightening

My light blue Skullcandy headphones are on and up loud as I listen to the "Rock of Ages" soundtrack. People, it is so so good. The movie, the music, all of it.

Van is in a big cowboy phase. His scooter is his horse and he has named it Roebert. That's right, ROEbert.

Library books are all over the place. I hate the library. We load up on books and my kids don't even read them. We go and Violet runs around like a wild Indian on the war path. All that's missing is war paint and feathers. Having said that, I think she will be an Indian for Halloween. It would be appropriate. Violet, the Library Injun.

Jack has had his sword and shield taken away. He watched "Thor" and all of the sudden, he is yelling at all of us and walking around the his arms out and his chest puffed out. So until he can start being nicer to his family, he doesn't get to have his "Thor" weapons.

I have to mow the lawn tonight. It will be my 2nd time ever- the first time being a week and a half ago. Ethan just doesn't have time and I am trying to be a good wife and help him out. After my first mow, I can truly say it sucks. Pushing around that heavy beast and trying to make it look good is such a crock.

Ethan is catering an event today. Only 80 people. Yesterday he catered for 300. And he casually mentioned that he loved using the kitchen's big Hobart mixer for the mashed potatoes. It then occured to me that he peeled enough potatoes for 300 people. "How many pounds did you peel?" He replied, "80." Shocked, I asked, "Were you alone? Did anyone help you?" He said, "No. Why?" Ummm, because that is a lot of damn potatoes for one shmuck to peel. So everyone, book Ethan to cater your event. No instant, boxed "mashed potatoes". HE PEELS POTATOES FOR 300 PEOPLE!

I am struggling with the Boy Scouts of America's final decision about homosexual people not being allowed to participate in scouts. It's really making me feel like I don't want my boys to participate in scouting. How can I treat my children love and acceptance of everyone when a group they are expected to participate says that they are openly not accepting of gay people? It's very conflicting for me. What are your thoughts?


  1. I read that today as well. I was under the impression that it isn't that they aren't tolerant of gay people, it's just not a place to announce it and expect everyone to be openly accepting of it. ??? I am with you - I think we should love and accept everyone, without having to accept their practices. But boy scouts isn't really a place to talk about sexuality anyway, so I think it is appropriate. Unless I am completely missing the mark and they really are telling gay people they aren't allowed participation - that would be ridiculous.

  2. Gay people are not allowed participation--a den mother in Ohio was ousted from her position when scouting leaders/officials learned she was a lesbian. Personally, I think this "exclusion policy" is disgusting, wrong, and totally incompatible with what I think a boy scout should be--honest, caring, kind, etc.

    I don't see the point in drawing the line between just being gay and "announcing it"? How do you "announce it" anyway? Is mentioning your partner an "announcement"? Is just being asked about your sexuality and admitting that you're gay an "announcement"?

    This is bigotry, pure and simple. And I won't have it in my house.

  3. I don't think the problem is being "openly gay". Seriously, do straight people ever consider themselves to be "openly straight"? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? I'm confident that people who spend that much time thinking about who other consenting adults love and are intimate with are the ones with the problem and a rather disconcerting one at that. Then there are those who are concerned that gays recruit. They're kidding, right? It's the other way around, straights tirelessly try to recruit gays. How many lives have been lost or broken because gays try to be straight or just as bad, "non-practicing"? How many straight people could bend far enough to live gay if that was the prevailing majority? Yeah, didn't think so (cue the crickets). As for pedophiles, most of them are straight. If someone can help your child be a better person and teach them useful skills, you're lucky. Homosexuality is a non-issue that's been encased in so much false morality that it destroys lives. It's quite simply time we grew up.

    Whitney, we could put your question into perspective by asking it this way: would you have your children participate in this group if it was a specific race, religion or even hair color that was being openly excluded? See, you already know the answer.

  4. This is actually a big deal for our family too. Nate is an Eagle Scout and a lot of his happiest childhood memories include scouting trips, hiking, snow caves etc. Lots of bedtime stories he tells are about scout adventures and Asher's been counting down to his 7th birthday forever. He can't WAIT to be a cub scout. But now that Boy Scouts have made this decision we don't feel it would be right to have him participate in their organization anymore. If we were in the states we might try to join up with other parents who felt the same way and create some sort of pseudo-scouting group for our kids, but that's not possible to do here. I have no idea how we'll break the news to Asher. He turns 7 in a few months.

  5. Yeah. I was waaaayyyyy wrong. Ridiculous.