Sunday, July 22, 2012

At the moment:

Essie "Meet me at Sunset" orange nail polish is drying on my fingers and toes.

Ethan is enthralled by "The Bachelorette" finale. He keeps getting mad at me for fake crying when Emily, the bachelorette, cries. The host of the show, Chris Harrison, talks and looks just like my old bishop, Bishop Killpack.

I have been thinking about my cute primary class. I taught the lesson today on sharing. They all were so adorable and everything I talked about totally clicked with them. One of them, Max, I want to hang out with all day. Every time he opens his mouth to talk, something funny comes out.

There is a slice of chocolate cake sitting on my yellow glass cake stand. We had a glorious Sunday dinner. Ethan had a helluva week with work and we saw very little of him. But today he was home. We all sat around the dinner table for an hour savoring grilled flank steak, garlic rosemary mashed potatoes and parmesan Caesar salad. The children soaked up their daddy and I couldn't get over how funny and handsome my husband is. I just adore him. When chocolate cake was served, Ethan got a glass of milk. Instead of drinking the milk, he dipped his bites of chocolate cake in it. My husband, he's a quirky one.

I can hear fireworks outside. Utah has two Fourth of Julys. July 24th, Pioneer Day counts as one and fireworks are legal. On Tuesday, our 'hood is doing up with fireworks, hotdogs and good times. So excited!

My house is pretty darn clean. I cleaned my house from top to bottom yesterday. Mopping, ceiling cobwebs, laundry, window washing etc. Too bad it will all be a mess in a few days.

I just saw online that a Kneaders is opening in Saratoga Springs. Holla! Veggie avocado sandwich on 12 grain hazelnut bread without cheese and cucumber added.


  1. 5 year olds are the best in primary. The gospel is just starting to click and they're really getting it, they are hilarious, and they think their teachers are awesome. Such a fun place to be!

    I am throwing a huge birthday party in a week and the cake is stressing me out. Pretty sure I should just pay you to make it and call it a day. That cake looks divine!

  2. I want a piece of that chocolate cake.