Monday, July 2, 2012

Meekly Weal Plan

This morning is a slow start. By now, on a Monday morning, we are at Costco, roaming the aisles while Violet begs to go under the camping tent hanging from the ceiling. "Tint Mom! Tint!". But instead, I am slowly making my weekly menu plan, browsing blogs and going through e-mails. I am also looking at the flowers on my table and being grossed out by the murky water in the vase. Eww. Time to throw them out.

MONDAY: Whole wheat pepperoni pizza. Never got to make it last week. Redo this week. Still working on the perfect whole wheat crust.
TUESDAY: Leftover shredded sweet pork tacos and Mexican rice. I made the pork last week as a recipe test for the book and let me just say, I NAILED IT. Not too sweet (like Cafe Rio's pork is), slightly spicy, a little smoky. I can't for you all to try it.
WEDNESDAY: Not sure yet. 4th of July plans are still up in the air. It sucks when Daddy has to work on the 4th of July. Hopefully, we will go to the Real Salt Lake game. Fingers crossed!
THURSDAY: Quinoa and black bean taco salad. My favorite!
FRIDAY: Sweet soy chicken and brown rice and roasted carrots.
SATURDAY: Yogurt and curry-marinated roast chicken and couscous. This chicken is a recipe test for the book. I am so anxious to try it out!
SUNDAY: Grilled burgers alla Ethan (the best), roasted potato wedges and chocolate ice cream cones.

Working on a couple cookbook recipes this week. They are highlighted in orange. Getting to the tail end of my recipe concept list. I have about 15 more I need to come up with to be done done. But that is the fun part. I could think of recipe ideas all day. I often get asked about the progress about my book. My heart always starts to beat faster. I am so excited about almost being done with recipe development. About 20 left to go. It just thrills me.

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  1. I have a fabulous WW pizza crust recipe. I got it out of a monthly "magazine" from either Smith's, Whole Foods, or Sunflower Market. I can't remember. But it is basically 1 1/2 c flour (either all WW or a combination with white), 1 tsp sugar, 2 tsp salt, 1 pkg rapid rise yeast, 2/3 c warm water and 2 Tbs olive oil. Just mix until combined (may use all the water, may not, may need more, each time is different). Let rest for 10 minutes and roll out. Makes one large crust. So yummy and crisp! Bake at 425 for about 15-18 minutes. Enjoy!