Thursday, July 5, 2012


I 'spose I should talk about our 4th of July. But not a ton happened and usually that holiday is pretty self-explanitory. Fireworks, swimming, red white and blue, hot dogs, sunshine. I will say that the holiday was complete with it pouring rain the next day. How refreshing! Right now, the rain is pounding the sidewalk and I love it.

I just got rid of a big fat headache. Turns out if you go to the gym on an empty stomach, you will feel like you are going to pass out and you will have a big headache. In other news, I recently discovered that the stair machine at the gym is a real ass-kicker. I didn't think much of it. How hard could it be? It's stairs. I climbed on to the machine, started it up and holy crap. I haven't sweat that much ever. I am thinking I need to spend more time on it to ready myself for my Timpanogos hike next month. Yes, I am hiking that beast. I look at the giant mountain everyday and just have the urge to conquer it.

Currently, besides the rain coming down, my boys are upstairs taking a shower and fighting. Like yelling at each other as if someone was trying to kidnap them. Something about running shower water and being naked makes them fight like the dickens. I am trying really hard to control the urge to go up there and yell at them. I am a yeller. Ethan thinks he is so funny when he called me "Ol' Yeller". Ha ha ha. Ethan is so funny.

The other night Grandma Ingram offered to babysit and in her own words "give me a night off". What a gift! She had more fun with them in 4 hours than they've had in months. McDonalds, ice cream, park, sprinklers, ice cream again, movies. They keep asking when she can babysit again. While they were out having fun, we went to Vinto in Salt Lake and then to "Rock of Ages". I recommend both. I love having babysitters like Grandma. I don't feel like I have to rush or worry. I know she has is down. And she knows how nice it is to go out with your honey and eat great food and have conversations without children cutting in.

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  1. conversations without children cutting in. i have nearly forgotten that there is such a thing.

    mt timp?! you'll rock it.