Thursday, July 12, 2012

A whole week without blogging!?!?!

It's been a WHOLE WEEK since I blogged! What have you been doing this whole time? Dying maybe?

Things around here are so summery that it's disgusting. Swimming quite a bit (Legacy Center and Lehi Outdoor Pool), snow cones, baseball games, slippy slide, sunscreen, swim suits and bike rides. I feel like I am making up for the last few crap summers we have had. I am not so good at having a small baby and still having fun. But Violet Girl is a big girl now and it isn't hard to go do fun things now. Today is Costco and more swimming at the Lehi Outdoor Pool. My boys LOVE that pool because of the slides. They climb the stairs over and over and over and over again. I just sit at the bottom and watch with Violet, while she eats. Violet prefers to eat instead of swim.

The other night I went on the most glorious bike ride. Tons of miles and gorgeous scenery. Lehi really is so beautiful. I love riding by horse pastures and cow fields. And I especially love seeing the huge mountains all around me. I need to get all the bike rides in before the weather turns ugly.

I have taken on the task of reorganizing and cleaning out Ethan's work storage unit. I have visions of lots of shelves full of his gleaming pewter platters and colored glass platters. And all the damn disposable serveware organized and under freaking control. It has been a slow process. I go everyday for 30 minutes or so while my kids sit in the truck and listen to nauseating preschool music and eat bananas and Sun Chips. It's starting to shape up. Today I need to go buy another shelf at Costco and figure out how my small self is going to build it. Ah ha! I know! I am going to get Kalli to help. There you go, problem solved.

Did I ever tell you what my new calling at church is? I am the teacher for the 5 year olds. Pretty great, eh? I want to do a really good job. Be the kind of teacher I would want my kids to have. You know, someone who just cares. My class is pretty big. Like 12 kids. But me and my co-teacher, Laura, will work it out. They are such sweet kids and pretty darn smart. I am excited for what lies ahead.

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  1. I really love your blog. It makes me wish we were neighbors.