Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scriptures, Meatloaf and Love

I have banished the boys to the backyard ONLY for the next few days. Reason? I am sick of neighborhood kid arguments. Today I watched some kid yell at Van and then Van threw a rock at his head. The kids proceeds to come tell me Van wronged him. I said, "Well, if you don't play at my house, then Van won't throw rocks at you." I am such a problem solver.

Jack Rockwell, first day of 2nd grade. 
And looking so studly in his Ninjago shirt. After all, they are the masters of Spinjitzu. 

School is back and I am totally fine with it. I am a morning person. I like being up and at it. Jack went to school like he had been doing it his whole life. It's like he never left. And this year, he didn't want me to walk him to class on his first day. Sad face.

We met Jack's teacher the night before school. She has the cutest clothes. Cobalt blue pencil skirt and a silver lace top at Back to School Night. Work it, second grade teacher! Now that Jack is back in school, I can get back to my trashy afternoons of laundry folding and "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" while the littles nap.

Copper Onion meatloaf, or as the menu says 
"Pleasant Creek Ranch beef, lamb and pork, mashed potatoes and market vegetables." 
Fancy comfort. 

Last weekend was pretty awesome. Friday night was President Monson's birthday celebration concert and some Copper Onion meatloaf. And an avocado tomato salad with red onion vinaigrette that keeps trying to make it's way onto my Best Food of 2012. But Ethan took issue with it's lack of garnish. The concert was incredible. It was a profound reminder to me that I know President Monson is a prophet. He communicates with God. I know it.

I spy Vanny Boy!

Sometimes she doesn't look completely cute. 

On Saturday, I said, "Saturday jobs are overrated" and we went to my mom and dad's and swam LITCHERALLY all day. Jack was in the water for a total of 8 hours. Violet, none. She no likey water. Van had some big moments when he made up his mind to jump off the diving board and go down the slide for the first time. And I perfected my dive with my dad as my judge. See look!

Every summer, we get a few of Ethan's family members here in Utah for a visit and this summer, we have been spoiled. Ethan's sister, brother, cousin and parents. And when they all come, Ethan and I end up making delicious food for them. Like I have said before, around here, food is love. Last Sunday, Ethan had his chocolate croissant bread pudding for his visiting brother and his beautiful girlfriend. I ate liiiiiike 5 croissants-worth. Yep. And I don't care. Then on Wednesday, we had Ethan's cousin come visit and I made pizookie. And I ate a ton of it. And I don't care. Come visit me. I will make you treats.

Utah peaches are back with a vengeance and I am thinking I am going to make some peach ice cream tomorrow. That is if I can use them before Van eats them all. He is eating about 3 a day. Well, and me too.


  1. Funny, Graham just threw some rocks at a total stranger at the park the other day. I got upset, made him apologize, then it turns out that the kid was throwing things at him first. Good lesson, bad mama. I like when my kids stick up for themselves.

    You food is gorgeous. That's it.

  2. So you're kids have been bit by the Ninjago bug too? It's a BIG DEAL around here. One of my brothers was giving the 4yo a hard time about it. D: "You know it's just a cartoon? It's not real." Z: "It IS real." D: "No it's not." Z: "You'''re a FAKE PIECE OF GUNK!" (Apparently this is a big insult in the mind of a 4yo)

    I'm intrigued by the pizookie. Tell me more.

    ps Great dive! If I tried that it would end in an epic belly flop.


  3. love that picture of your daughter!! hilarious!

  4. One day I want you to try their trout with their almond, beet, fennel salad. Mmm, not as good as the meatloaf though :)