Saturday, August 4, 2012

At the moment

There is an empty takeout container sitting next to me. Ethan brought me home a green chile pork Navajo taco from Black Sheep Cafe in Provo. He ran some errands with the boys and took them there for lunch. And like a good husband, he brought me home my most favorite thing to eat. Something about my relationship with Ethan- food is love around here.

I just finished "Comfort Me With Apples" by Ruth Reichl. It has been a Ruth Reichl summer. I just ordered another one of her books so I can keep the party going. And BTW, it was $.01 for it used on Amazon. Boom! I might as well buy all books used on Amazon because the price of the late fees to the library always get me because I always lose library books.

We went to "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" up at the Sundance Resort this last week and it was delightful. Although, Adam Pontipee is always played best by Howard Keel. We went with some of our best people- The Verbecky's. Always plenty of laughs, inappropriate comments and good food. And BTW, we went to Cubby's in Provo. It is real good. And inexpensive. Try it.

Me and my Kalli. One of my very best. Oh the things she knows about me...

We are enjoying the Olympics a lot. Swimming is always my favorite to watch. I love seeing how damn fast they are. When I was swimming laps at the pool the other night, I timed myself on just 25 yards doing the breast stroke just to see how fast these Olympians are swimming it. Um, they are swimming it more than 3 times faster than me.

Jack's summer is wrapping up. He feels the tick of the clock as it itches closer to the first day of school. He has told me we need to swim more, eat more snow cones and stay up later. This next week we will start hacking away at his school supply list and then start looking for a super cool new pair of kicks.

Jack and Van. One of them is gracefully easing into the token awkward stage.

Tomorrow night, we are making our kids' dreams come true and Ethan and I are planning on staging a food fight after dinner. We are going to eat outside and I am going to make pasta and salad. The plan is to finish eating and then Ethan and I will start it by throwing food at each other. I am going to make extra pasta and have it sitting under the table in the backyard, ready to go. And I also bought an extra head of romaine lettuce. I have been so excited all week!

I am still going through my recipes. Yes, I am still working on my cookbook! Recipes currently waiting fruition next week: blueberry oatmeal bars, sesame ginger turkey sliders, tuna and noodles and Korean beef lettuce wraps with spicy mayo. I know, you are wondering when my book will be done. Guess what, patience my child, patience. Probably Christmas.

First attempt at Korean beef lettuce wraps. It needs a sauce. Spicy mayo. 


  1. Hey - we were at Sundance watching 7Brides last weekend too! I loved it! I can't wait to go back.

  2. I have a huge crush on 1950's Howard Keel.