Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pajammies, vinaigrette and skills

Me, in pajamas and glasses, at 8pm. And feeling so damned productive.

Yesterday, I spent the day in my pajammies. My especially comfy ones. I have taken to sleeping in leggings lately. Instead of doing the expected and sitting around doing nothing in my pajamas, I overhauled my garage, Ethan's work storage unit and our camping crap. I don't always feel like a rockstar, but when I do, I usually have just organized something. And Ethan's storage unit is now perfect. New shelving, a place for everything, everything in it's place. I sort of want someone to come see it. Anyone really.

If you do come see my fancy organizing at my storage unit, watch out for this hooker and her friends. Found her by the door. And I promptly smashed her with a bucket of dinner plates.

Baby Aubrey. She fell asleep on my lap while we bounced on the trampoline. 
The feeling of her little head dropping down and giving into her exhaustion- that is just the best. 

This last weekend, I babysat my three nieces I never get to see. My three "A" nieces. Ava, Anabelle and Aubrey. Oh heaven help me, I just love them all. Sweet, funny, cute and perfect. Each of them. And they are best friends. I asked Anabelle about Ava and she said, "I love Ava, she is my best." During their visit, I learned that I know nothing about the world of girl toys. Violet is so deprived.

Mixed baby green with tomato basil vinaigrette. 
And assorted fancy cut veggies. He has some of the funnest garnishing tools. 

While my nieces were here, them and their parent's came for Sunday dinner. Oh my husband. My husband and his supreme skills. Among other things, he made me a salad that made me think dirty thoughts. Who just has the ability to do that with a salad?! My husband, that's who.

It's that time of year again. I need to think of our family school year theme. It's been on my mind for the last week or so. Two years ago, the family school theme was "Put your damn clothes in the hamper" and then last year it was "Stop talking to your parents like they are stupidest people you know". I am thinking this year might me. "I am sorry, but your brother is your best friend and that's the way it is".

Good ol' brownies. You are going to love these. 

Guessssss whaaaaaaaaaat... I have 10 recipes left to finish and then I am done with recipe writing for "The Family Flavor". I am thrilled! Sheen has been whittling away at the list of recipes that need photographing and on Sunday, she texted me the above picture. HELLO. Brownies!


  1. how I wish you still lived across the street!!!

  2. Brilliantly written. I've never heard a Black Widow referred to as a "hooker and her friends," but it fits. And a salad that makes you think dirty thoughts? That must be quite the salad indeed.

  3. I love your family themes and that you can poke a bit of fun at the Word of the Year trend.

    Those brownies look amazing.

    The salad is gorgeous, I wish salad turned me on. I just need to get over my aversion to veggies.

    Ps last night I had a dream that we went swimming again and you revealed your perfect 6 pack.