Friday, August 31, 2012

Swimming, Salmon and Vacation

Our community pool. Pretty great, eh? And it has a retractable ceiling! 

Tonight, I took my people swimming. Daddy was working late at the stadium, so we went swimming. You know, get all their wiggles out. Violet hated it, Van and Jack loved it. When we were done swimming, I gave Jack his pajammies and told him to go to the men's locker room and get dressed and meet us up front. On our drive home, I asked Jack of there were any naked people in the locker room and he started laughing and said, "Yes! There was an old man and he had a crinkly old bum!" I should have been horrified, but I just laughed. I mean, a crinkly old bum is pretty funny.

Band of Brothers. 

Big plans have been going down in the backyard. I gave the boys a tarp and then I didn't see them for two days. All it took was that tarp and our picnic table. They took all their pillows downstairs and requested all their meals be served in their tent. At what age is Jack going to stop playing army???

Grilled burgers with baked potato wedges. 
I have recently changed the way I do burgers and I am digging it. 

At one point, I made the boys get rid of the tarp and let us use the picnic table for it's original use. Two nights in a row, dinner outside. So lovely. Gotta enjoy it while we can. Trees on the mountains are starting to change colors...

I have been hitting the recipe writing hard. The last week or so has been pan-seared salmon with warm mango salsa, baked eggs with chard and feta cheese, dark hot chocolate with vanilla ice cream and glazed coconut bread. Gosh dang it, I love writing recipes. I do, I just love it. And I am so stoked to get to do something I love. I thank my Heavenly Father for it everyday.

Ethan came home from work tonight, exhausted, overwhelmed with running a business and having a full-time job on the side. I saw on the couch, glazed over and exhausted from my three crazy kids. We talked about our busy lives and how we don't see a whole lot of each other lately. And then we fantasized about what it would like to go on vacation together. Here is a sad fact, we have never gone anywhere together. I know, sad. Maybe for our 10th anniversary next year? Wanna babysit my three perfect, well-behaved, always-nice, never-mouthy children? Yeah, that would be great. Thanks.


  1. Being a business owner is damned hard work. And sometimes you just want to run away. I hope you guys do for your 10th, do it!

  2. if you wanna go to paris, france i know a great place you could stay for almost nothing :)

  3. Hi Whitney this is Elizabeth your birthday twin (Lora's neice). I just want to say I LOVE your blog!!!!!!!!
    :) Elizabeth