Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Taco salad, dirty clothes and success

Blueberry Oatmeal Bars. Next time, I am adding more oats. 

I should be doing dishes and trying to pack stuff for camping tomorrow. But I am not. I am eating blueberry oatmeal bars and guzzling water. And sitting on my computer. The kitchen is a mess from a successful recipe. Korean beef lettuce wraps with spicy mayo. It's a second attempt and this time I nailed it. I can't wait for people to love it as much as we did.

A happy handsome thrilled to be at Daddy Darling's work.

Today we went and visited Daddy for lunch today. We haven't been to the stadium yet and it was so fun for the littles. Makes me want to go to a game. Daddy made us lunch. Taco salad with chicken, black beans and rice. There was fresh guac and salsa too. It's my perfect meal. I had one of those really content feelings. Sitting outside in an empty stadium in the shade, beautiful weather, delicious food and my family. And then Violet dropped a doozy in her drawers and ruined that feeling, but whatever.

 My husband makes good food. It's just a fact. 

On the way to the stadium, Jack and Van were talking about their worst dreams. Jack had a dream that he fell asleep in a car trunk and then Ethan accidently closed it and he was trapped in. Horrible. Van's worst dream was when he had a handful of candy and he dropped and he couldn't get it because, as he said, "The bad dream was holding onto my pants and I couldn't pick up the candy." Definitely a nightmare for a 4 year old.

Well, I 'spose I should get to those damned dishes. And test out the air mattress for holes. And throw in some laundry. Actually, I am not going to wash the kid's clothes. They are going to get dirty while camping anyways. I am just going to pack their dirty clothes. Yep, that's what I am gonna do. I am such a domestic genius.


  1. You're a genius, I've never thought of packing dirty clothes for camping, brilliant!

  2. Cant wait for the cook book and just want you to know I love reading your posts. Have fun camping!

  3. we just got home from 4 days of camping on monday & oh boy it was SO much fun & SO much work. tenting it is no cake walk.

    have fun.

    and yes, brilliant about the dirty kids clothes.