Friday, August 10, 2012

"The One Time Violet and I Went Camping For 11 Hours" or also known as "Violet Sucks At Camping".

Lost Lake. Wasatch National Forest, Utah. 

We went camping up at Lost Lake in the high Uintah's. For like 5 minutes. 3 of those minutes were Violet crying, whining and being a beast. The other 2 minutes were beautiful views, bacon and perfect weather.

A daddy determined to have a good time. 

First off, we have lots of room for improvement on executing a camping excursion. I have already made a list of what we need to change because I am determined to rock at this camping thing. Item number 1: Maybe don't leave late and end up setting up tents in the dark. Pretty good tip, eh? We are a couple of genius's, Ethan and I. 

Jack. He loves camping as much as he loves the military. 

Once set up, boys were put in sleeping bags and sent to sleep, giggling about actually being camping finally. Violet was changed into jammies and then she set off on a voyage to the land of I Am Going To Make My Parent's Regret I Was Ever Conceived. Lots of crying and screaming and then I ended up holding her in the car while she slept in my arms all night long. Of course, I am not going to get any sleep doing such a thing. So I instead played every game on Ethan's phone for a few hours, deleted all the picture he has of me that I think I look fat or ugly in and read my Food Network magazine. Twice.

 Something about cooking over a camp fire is so empowering. 
Like if we were all of the sudden pioneers, I've got us covered. 

It was decided that camping is not Violet's shtick, so we were going home and the Daddy and the boys were staying. After a morning of bacon, eggs, toasted marshmallows, playing in the dirt and fishing, I grabbed mine and Violet's bags and got ready to leave. As Ethan was walking with Violet up to the truck, she does what all mean little children do when they don't want to leave and she melted into a pile on the ground and pretended her legs were inoperable. In the process, she popped her elbow on out while Ethan was trying to hold her hand.

Don't let that adorable face fool you. 

Once home, Violet and I showered and got the dirt off and headed to the ER. She wailed at anyone that dared look at her. Dr. Something got the run down from me about what happened and immediately knew what to do. He held her arm, bent it upward and POP! Elbow fixed, little girl given a cherry sucker and she waved goodbye to everyone as she strolled out the door.

Before. Hurting and mad at the world. 

After. Sippy cup held in her ailing arm. Ready for a chocolate milk refill.

I am telling you though, I am determined to be a pro at camping with my family. I know it will be good for us to go camping together and be in nature, uninterrupted by the outside world.

*Funny note: On the way to the Uintah's, Van panicked and said, "Mom! We forgot the TV!" If anyone needs camping, it's Van.

Van. He was also appalled at the notion that 
he was going to have to brush his teeth without a sink or mirror. 


  1. We had the same night experience camping last year with our two year old as in full a blown shrieking, flailing around, seemingly possessed child. I ended up holding him in the car all night long too and swore we were hightailing it outta there as soon as the sun came up! We ended up staying. It was a family reunion and all the people who were cheery and bright eyed the next morning after a full night's sleep convinced us to stay. We relented only under the condition that if the little pipsqueak pulled the same thing the following night he was staying in someone's else's tent and they could deal with it! Hopefully next summer will be full of better camping experiences for both of us!

  2. I love it! I have to say though... We went camping a few weeks ago and BRYAN is the one who put the tv in. I'm like, it's camping, you don't bring a tv. But he insisted and it kept the kids happy while the adults got to talk. So it kinda worked out. I still pretty much miss seeing you in RS on Sundays. Just not the same anymore!

  3. We had big plans for trying camping this summer, all of which have fallen through. After reading this, I am imagining what it would have been like if we had gone and am kind of relieved we didn't! I think we may try a backyard camping trial first, before we head out to the big outdoors!
    PS- did you bring 2 vehicles? How did Ethan and the boys get home?

  4. I am a natural camper and I think my kids are almost old enough for it finally. Naughty Violet Girl!

  5. my brother and his wife like to tell the story about the time they went camping & their 4 year old screamed all. night. long. the next morning, the dude in the camper "next door" just stood outside and glared and my brother while shaking his head. awesome.

    so maybe someone is worse at camping than violet?

  6. Wait! There's a Food Network magazine???