Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Apples, Wiggles and Nudge

Today, my friend Meri posted on Instagram about these heavenly Honey Crisp apples at a fruit stand in Highland. After school, we put on shoes and jackets and got into the car. I bought a huge bag and then handed one to each child. As we drove away from the fruit stand, I got the sudden urge to turn left and head up to the big, towering American Fork Canyon. So we did. I cranked up the Coldplay and we started the climb up the canyon. Oh the colors. I felt like my mom as I kept saying, "Look! Look at the colors! They are beautiful! Heavenly Father is a genius!" The drive was absolutely perfect. No one else on the road, light rain, lots of low clouds. As we came over the mountain, we switched to Dave Matthews Band and it pulled us into Sundance. Everyone got a sucker. Cinnamon for me, mint chocolate for Jack, watermelon for Van and orange cream for Violet. The children begged to ride the ski lift, but I wasn't about to take 3 wiggles on a chair lift without Daddy as a bookend. I can just picture Van sliding his little no-butt off the chair and down into the trees. We ended up in Provo at Station 22 for sandwiches and then headed home. An unexpected afternoon and evening turned out to be one of our very best.

Last week, we did what most parents dread. We told Jack all about sex. Like everything. And it actually went well. We used a book called "Where Did I Come From" and it was perfect. The book is pretty detailed and has drawn illustrations. I had to have Ethan do his own read through and get his giggles out before we read it with Jack. I have never been afraid of the sex talk with Jack. I just never really knew how to start it and go about it. This book really helped. A lot of people ask me how we decided it was time to talk to Jack. For us, it was a spiritual nudge telling us it was time. Jack's reaction to everything was as expected. He was very quiet and listened. He hasn't said much, except what he said to Van the other night. "So Van, someday your wife will make a baby with your privates. And it is a miracle."


  1. Where is this fruit stand and how can I get those apples?

  2. OHMIGOODNESS!!! Jack is adorable. "So Van, someday your wife will make a baby with your privates. And it is a miracle." Easily my favorite thing I have read in a long time. And I recently reread through all of Harry Potter :P. I genuinely (and loudly) laughed when I read that. We told Cadence a couple years ago when we started trying for another baby. She then preceded to tell everyone, "Mommy, Daddy, and I are trying for a new baby." Thank goodness no called CPS.