Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Along with popcorn balls, Ethan brought home avocados to make guac. 
I ate a gallon of it and then almost threw it all up at the gym a few hours later. 

Dear Popcorn Balls Ethan Brought Home Yesterday, you were delicious and we polished you off after school today. Jack stole Van's and Van flipped out. But that was quickly fixed with some string cheese.

Dear Gym at 5:30am, I do not understand you. When I am gutsy enough to go to you, I have no recollection of my workout. After a few minutes on the treadmill, my brain falls asleep and then I snap out of it and look around, wondering where I am. Going to the gym that early plays tricks on your brain.

Dear Cookbook Recipes Waiting to be Photographed, your day is coming. Cookbook photography is about to get kicked into high gear. An end is near! Tomorrow is meatball subs, two kinds of cupcakes and some lettuce wraps.

Dear Flowers Dying on my Front Porch, do me a favor and walk yourself to the trash. You were so last summer and I am ready for some fall mums instead.

Carrots, ranch dressing, tuna sandwich, banans, raspberries, candy corn. 

Dear Jack, I still have a sneaking suspicion you are throwing some of your lunch away at school. Tonight, I am going to try another gentle interrogation and see if you will fess up.

Dear Ethan Husband, I am so in love with you. It's almost officially been 10 years that we have been together. Let's go out to dinner next Friday. Cafe Niche?

Fridge scraps, bound for the oven for roasting and then blended up and made into a pasta sauce. 

Dear Good Eating Habits, I am afraid we are going to part ways soon when summer's fruit and veggies leave. It is so much easier to eat well when the produce is stellar.

 She screamed the whole time I was straightening her hair. 

Dear Straight-Haired Violet, I think Daddy might be right. You might really be brattier when you have straight hair.

B.O.M. and Godiva dark chocolate with almonds. 

Dear Book of Mormon, your 2nd Nephi chapter 9 is pretty great. How have I not realized that until this time around?

Into the garage...

Dear Bigger Clothes, happy and sad to see you go. So many great pieces that are such high quality. But it is so happy that you don't fit anymore. 15 pounds left to go!

Dear Myself as a Mother, you tell yourself that you are horrible a lot. You aren't. Yes, you could use some more patience. But you have good intentions. Just keep trying and keep hugging your children.


  1. I'm impressed that Van was satisfied with a string cheese as a replacement for a stolen popcorn ball. I don't think that would fly at our house!

    What is that lunch box you have for Jack's lunch? Looks pretty cool!

    I didn't recognize Violet right away with her straight hair!

    Way to go on not fitting in your clothes anymore!! Have fun shopping for some new ones! :) You look awesome by the way!

  2. Your last one is a good one. We moms are hard on ourselves, yes? We sure are. The other day my dentist posted a quote on their facebook page and it's had me mulling over how I talk to and about myself. It was:

    "If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?"

    Thanks for posting your thoughts and whatnot. I quite enjoy reading them.