Thursday, October 11, 2012


Dear People That Read This Blog, how have you lived without me for the past few weeks? Truly, what has kept you alive?

Dear Mangoes From Costco, you are a huge disappointment. A few months ago, I got some mangoes from Costco that were straight from heaven. Deep orange, sweet and juicy. I was certain they were the forbidden fruit partaken of by Eve. Anyways, I ate like two a day until they were gone. Then Ethan called me and said, "Costco just called and said that the mangoes you were feasting on were bad ones. Covered in e-coli (or salmonella, I can't remember). You might die." And I didn't have even a whisper of worry. They were so totally worth it. Fast forward to a few month later and mangoes are finally back at Costco. But they SUCK. Light yellow and green, flavorless. I think I am going to take them back today.

Dear Mike The Stuffed Tiger, you have been in our family since Easter of 2007. Each child has had their "Mike Phase". When are you going to thank me for rescuing you from the roof of the garage the other day?

Dear Visiting Teacher Jess, I am so glad we have our understanding. I don't need a monthly message and visit, I just need a monthly treat. And you fulfill that wonderfully. Thanks pal.

Dear Haley, you dropped off your beta fish for us to babysit while you are in Ohio, but you forgot to tell us it's name. We have been giving it our own. Mr. Picklepants, Fred, Blueberry, Poopy Face.

Dear Fall Break Weekend, lots going on! Grocery shopping today and an attempt at pumpkin mousse. Tomorrow is play dates with little friends and date night for this mama. And Saturday is clean-the-hell-out-of-this-house while Daddy takes the children to the zoo. It's pathetic when I get so excited to clean my house in peace.

Dear Mount Timpanogos, boy, weren't you a bitch. Kal and I hiked you last Saturday and you rocked my world. My calves, my feet, my ankles, my hips, my thighs, my back. My entire me. It was much harder than I thought. I was incredibly frustrated that it was so hard for me. After a few days, I decided to go it again next summer, when I am stronger. And when it isn't freezing. Like it had to have been 20 degrees once we were at the top. But the view and the sense of accomplishment were worth it. I look at the mountain many times a day and think about how cool it is that I was on top of it. 16 miles and 11,742 feet.


  1. That Timpanogos bitch is hard no matter the current condition. (Just warning you for next year...)

  2. We killed it. Random Indian dude aside.

  3. I thought it was awesome you two did that.