Monday, October 15, 2012

Meekly Weal Plan

When it comes to food, I want to help the world. It's why I am writing a cookbook. Looking for a way to use leftovers? I want to help. Want to know how to cook perfect rice on the stove? I want to help. Ideas for lunchboxes? I want to help. I want people to eat good food with good people and have a good time. Food matters and I want to help you! The other day, a friend called and asked me about cooking chicken. After the call, Jack said, "Why do so many people call you about how to cook?" I guess I hadn't thought much of it until then, but lots of people e-mail, text and call me about food. And I love being able to help. My Amber had asked on the Facebook about when my book would be done because she is in a recipe rut. And then I realized I haven't written up my meekly weal plan in a while! Maybe that would help people like Amber get out of a rut or get a few ideas? I WANT TO HELP THE WORLD! Someone give me a cape.

Monday: Shredded sweet pork tacos and cilantro rice. A cookbook recipe for sweet pork that doesn't involve a can of Coke or a slow-cooker!

Tuesday: Cheesy chicken and rice with steamed broccoli. A favorite of Jack's. A true comfort food.

Wednesday: Penne with butternut squash and caramelized onions. This one is sort of going to be made up as I go. Not quite sure how I am going to do this one. I just know I don't want a cream sauce. If it turns out how I want it, I will post the recipe here.

Thursday: Sweet pork quesadillas and cilantro rice. LEFTOVERS!

Friday: Roast chicken legs with potatoes and broccoli

Saturday: Black beans and rice bowls.

Sunday: Butternut squash soup and my mom's rolls. And sugar cookies. I am going to let go of my clean-freakiness and make dozens of sugar cookies and set up bowls of colored frosting and let my people go to town. (breathes deeply)


  1. Yummy! Thanks for the shout out! I felt so cool because you are so cool.

  2. Love the meakly weal plans. How do you decide what's for dinner beyond what's in season . . . . Is it what's on sale? Or already in your freezer? What you have a craving for? What you haven't had for a long time? I'm sure it changes, I just wonder how to decide. Too many options.