Thursday, October 25, 2012


I haven't been blogging because I am far too pessimistic lately to come off as having it all together- because that is just the blogging way, right?

Here are my why's.

WHY can't my kids just let us have an enjoyable evening? Why can't they stop fighting and not eating dinner and talking back and yelling?

WHY can't I eat whatever I want? I just want to eat cookies everyday. I don't think they is too much to ask. I haven't been given a body that allows to me to indulge often. It is just a fact. It was a hard fact to realize and it was realized earlier this year. What a tragedy.

WHY can't I have a nicer car? I just want to be be able to fit more than just my kids and I don't want a minivan.

WHY can't I keep my flowers on my porch alive? My fall mums that I fell hard for have died. Damn it.

WHY can't everyone just see politics the way I do? Why can't they agree with me and only me?

WHY can't I have a bigger fridge with an ice maker and water on the door?

WHY can't I go on vacation with my husband? Everyone else goes on vacations with their husbands.

WHY can't that dumb little girl at school leave my son the hell alone? Stop touching his lunch. Stop calling him names. Stop be a brat. Mama is fed up.

Okay, I am done. I am going to go make cookies right now.


  1. This just made my day. For reals. I'm going through my own why-list myself. Did it make you feel better? Hope so, because it made me feel better; knowing that everyone has a list of whys. Maybe I'll go type up my own list now.

    p.s. I can't go on vacation with my husband either. We can go as a family, but the spouse and I haven't been anywhere alone in almost four years. At this rate, when the kids are out and on their own, we might not even want to spend time alone. This is a potential problem, yes?

    p.p.s. I've learned this year that my body allows for indulging only when I run 60 miles a week. My body isn't letting me run that much and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY.

  2. I have been there on every single point!