Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anger, sleep, resolve

Good morning to you. Well, good lunch time I guess. My days are freaking long lately because I have been sleep driving and sleep working out at the gym in the early morning. It's a good thing, I am sure, but I vaguely remember any of it. Something about a treadmill...

A few things have been on my mind. One is an article that all mothers and fathers of daughters should read. Click HERE. Ethan and I had a long conversation about it last night. And we are so grateful for articles like this.

I have also been thinking about my New Year's resolution for next year. When I resolve for a new year, first, I think of something I suck at and then I make a plan to fix it. I thought of this resolution over the summer. Next year, I am going to stop yelling at my kids. The way I look at it right now, I have about a month and half to get it out and then I have to quit. So I think I will binge yell at them until January 1. But when January 1 hits, I have to stop. It's going to be so hard. But I am confident because my New Year's resolution for this year has gone so well. I resolved to take better care of my body and I have done it. And I feel great. And because I feel great, I feel like I can dominate the world. And dominate my yelling. Maybe then Ethan will stop calling me "Old Yeller".

Anyone want to give me their printer? I am ready to print out my rough drafts for "The Family Flavor", but in a raging huff, I dramatically threw my crappy printer away a few months ago.

Want me to tell you about the latest thing going on in my family? My oldest has been in counseling for the last two months. My sweet son gets uncontrollably angry. And after years of this, my husband and I decided to find out how to help him. It has been a difficult, emotional thing for all of us. My boy is incredible. He is smart as can be, and not just book smart, but people smart as well. He is very compassionate and protective. His family is the most important thing to him. He is creative and artistic. And passionate. But his passion knows no bounds and he gets passionately angry. He is very sad about this part of him. He knows it is the wrong way to get what he wants. He wants to change and has spent many evenings, head on my lap and crying. I have spent many evenings crying to my husband about it. But now, we feel great that we have a counselor dedicated to helping all of us. There- that's me keeping it so real.


  1. Hope all goes well with the sessions.

  2. Love, prayers and hugs to your boy. And what a good mama you are to face such a difficult challenge head on. Not easy to do. At all. So love, prayers, and hugs to you, too.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. What kind, and in-tune parents you are. I think it's great and courageous that you got a counselor. I'm sure that wasn't easy. Much love to you!

  4. You are not only an awesome chef, but also an awesome Mommy! Doing this for your son is a monumentally sound choice. He will learn so much about himself and his place in the world. I am ALL for counseling. We did this for my son and it was not only helpful for him but me as well as his Mom. I learned a lot of great parenting skills. It actually made my job easier! I would suggest seeing the counselor as parents or just as a Mom. It lifts your spirits and shows you how you can help directly. And isn't that what we want to do as parents? Sending love, Ann

  5. I think it is wonderful that you are putting your son first and helping him anyway you can.

  6. I need to yell less at my kids too. If only they weren't such idiots.

  7. You continue to amaze me. You are such a REAL person and I appreciate all that you share with us. I know we are just readers, but hopefully we can be friends that support you through the rough times.
    Keep your head up, you are a great mom, and a wonderful Lady.
    Thanks for always sharing your talents with us!