Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quarters, Boys and Cribs

Today, I fell in love with Van some more. He isn't much of a nappist anymore unless I lay down with him. This afternoon, he was up while Violet napped and it was just us two. Dang it, I just adore him. His little voice, his ideas, his jokes, his imagination. And the fact that he has worn his Batman costume AND mask all day. I love having little boys.

This morning, I gave Jack a grip of quarters to take to school because he said he wanted to buy Van some erasers and pencils. I didn't have high hopes for it coming true. But as he promised, after school he got in the car and handed Van a bunch of school supply loot and said "Here buddy! I love you!" It pleases me so to see the times when Jack isn't a complete a-hole to his brother.

I quit my enormous consumption of soda and caffeine at the end of last year. Today, my head decided it had been too long since we had a rockin' headache. I took some knock-off Excedrin and HOLY HANNAH, I am the shakiest SOB around. My hands can't stop moving. You would think I was on some hard drug like meth or something. Caffeine, you suck.

Violet said goodbye to her crib this morning and it was no big deal. And when it came time for naptime, she just climbed into her big girl bed like she had been doing it since the day she was born and fell fast asleep. That made it a little less hard to move on from this phase in my motherhood. Violet is my last child and having "lasts" with her has been a bit hard. Like her last can of formula about did me in. And yes, I kept it. It's in the top of her closet. Don't make fun. Putting the highchair in the storage unit was a bit hard too. Many people tell me to have another baby. No, I'm cool. It's okay to miss a baby phase and not replace it with a new baby. It's part of life. We move on, we grow, we change. It's normal. It's all in God's plan. And also, among my many talents, taking birth control is one of them. Me- so multi-faceted.


  1. I like you. A lot:) Especially for saying SOB and for the formula can;)

  2. I am hating these baby lasts too but excited for the next phase of family life.