Monday, December 3, 2012

A few things

Right now, Violet and Van are playing cousins. That's right, they are pretending to be cousins. Violet also has a poop diaper.

Everyday, I write down my food plan of what I am going to eat all day. It helps me stay on track if I have a plan. My morning snack was supposed to be apple slices and peanut butter. But instead, I had Reese's Pieces that Van and Violet found in Daddy Darlings box of treats. I had some and justified it because peanut butter is protein.

Ethan and I (mostly I) are in change of organizing the food for the church Christmas party. Church always seems to assign us that route. Which fine, but I feel a little single-faceted. Like why don't they ask me to play the Christmas hymns on the piano while everyone sings along? Why am I never asked to take a whack at a solo of "Away in a Manger"? Oh wait, because I suck at those things.

I still haven't put up my Christmas stuff. It's in the garage, lonely. I just haven't had the gumption to pull everything out and make sure V and V don't mess with the boxes. And I am in no rush because I leave my Christmas decor out for a week or two after Christmas. I just love it too much.

Ethan has been having some rockin' foot pain these days. His feet are always in pain, but he never complains. But for the last few weeks, he has been complaining and using his cane and that is always a sign that the pain levels are hightened. Foot pain, you say? Ethan has a rare foot deformity that should have been corrected when he was a baby. It wasn't and he has some really weird looking feet. And they hurt. A lot. He denies it, but eventually, he will be a wheelchair when he gets old. He had to used a motorized cart when we were at Disneyland last week because they were so bad. I walked behind him and got to observe the looks he got. I understand where they are coming from. Young, early 30's man, healthy and strong, cruising around Disneyland in a cart. But if they only knew... You can take your mean, judging look and eye roll and shove it. And while on the subject, may I make a suggestion? Go for walks with your spouse. Walk long distances together. Hold hands and just walk and walk and walk. We used to be able to do that. But those days are over and I miss them sometimes.


  1. you know, i totally understand the last part. the chef here lost his sight rapidly this year and i remember in a moment of crying i said, "we forgot to go to the skirball museum" i miss him driving, i miss being able to just shake my head yes or no when he asks a question. long walks are quite different for us too. but we have amazing men for hubbys and you are quite amazing yourself!