Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas is over and my house is a pit of Legos, Pop Rocks, Hershey Kisses, monster trucks, doll clothes and play food. After getting to bed at 2am on Christmas Eve (damn play kitchen we had to put together), I was more than ready for a long winter's nap, but alas, my Violet, Van and Jack awoke at 7 and were ready to attack their Christmas secrets piled under the tree. Each year, Ethan and I intend to dial Christmas down a few notches, but we always fail. A lot of families do a method of gifts and give 4 gifts under the categories of "want, need, wear, read". Well, we do more of a "want, want, want, want, want, want....." We just can't control our gift-giving selves.

It was a jolly Christmas, indeed. Jack's fave gift was giant remote control Hummer. It is literally as big as Violet. Van adored his Lightening McQueen bike, which I am guessing will need it's training wheels off sooner than later. That kid is a quick learner. Violet loves her kitchen to pieces. She has been making me a lot of fake pasta and cupcakes. I got all clever this year and gave Ethan a custom-made wooden cane (he has bad feet) with a shiny silver handle. He was speechless and pleased as can be. Me, my favorite gift was from my parents. A roundtrip ticket to Belgium to visit my sister Mallory. Now I just need to choose a date! I am thinking August.

As I type this, we have about 8 inches of fresh, fluffy snow outside. The most snow I have ever seen since we have lived in this house, almost 3 years. I have been tediously shoveling the driveway all day so as to look like the neighbor who has it the most "together". Tonight, we dine at Flemings as apart of a Christmas gift from husband and if the stars are aligned, a viewing of "Les Miserables". I am just so happy. What a happy Christmas it is. Maybe if I keep the tree up, it will keep going???


  1. I agree... this was a very happy Christmas for my family. We too have about 8 inches of snow (that fell today!!!)

    I was gifted some new cookbooks from my fave bloggers, but alas not yours... when is it out?!

  2. You get to go to Belgium? How exciting! What is your sister doing there?

  3. So much fun! I definitely bought and bought, but then I decided it was too much so I boxed a bunch up for Easter baskets/future occasions. A trip to Belgium is a definite win!

  4. It has been a wonderful Christmas, and I always have the best intentions of scaling everything back, but then I have way too much fun shopping!! Have fun in Belgium, exciting!!

  5. merry christmas! sounds like it was full of love. i say keep it up and keep it going :)