Sunday, December 30, 2012

Influenza, Black Beans and Honey

Me, wearing my giant white down coat that goes down past my knees, 
headed to Urgent Care this morning. 

This morning, I thought I would jump on the latest trend and contract the flu. Influenza B, to be precise. All the cool kids are doing it these days. I felt it as I was cracking breakfast eggs into a pan with melted butter. The achy feeling. My joints. I finished breakfast, announced to Ethan that no one was going to church and I went to Urgent Care. I over exaggerated my symptoms to the doc and got a prescription for Tamiflu. Oh my gosh, it had better work. It was $100! Heaven help me. On another note, I am taking applications for laundry washers, folders and puter-awayers. I just can't bring myself to do it. And on another another note, I am so pleased that I stayed up until 2am to put Christmas away. Now I can be sick and not worry about it.

This Christmas break has been one of doing a whole lot of nothing. And it has been wonderful. Late sleeping in, naps, good food, not too much fighting from children, no responsibilities. I loved the laziness of our break, but I also like being busy and productive. I have enjoyed the break, but I am ready for school to be back in.

As I have sat at my computer doing absolutely nothing and watching "Iron Chef Redemption" on Hulu (I love Amanda Freitag), I have written up my weekly meal plan. Maybe you will get an idea or two...

MONDAY: Baked potatoes with chili and cheese.
TUESDAY: Black beans and rice.
WEDNESDAY: Penne with bacon marinara and steamed green beans
THURSDAY: Chicken enchiladas, Mex rice and fruit salad
FRIDAY: Roast chicken legs, braised kale and roasted potatoes
SUNDAY: Chicken boobs with balsamic garlic sauce, skillet potatoes and green salad. And then vanilla layer cake with caramel pastry cream. As I have sat in bed and been sick, I have been dreaming up cakes to make.

Wanna know how to make a super yum fruit salad? Chop up all the fruit you want and put it in a big bowl. My last fruit salad was clementines, blackberries and grapes. Zest a lemon and stir the zest into the fruit. In a small bowl, pour in a few tablespoons of honey and put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, just to soften it up. Once it is soft, stir in 1/8 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. Pour the honey mixture over the fruit and lemon zest and stir gently, coating all the fruit in the honey. ENJOY!


  1. Hope you feel better REAL SOON!

  2. ha ha you said chicken BOOBS. I am going to try that fruit salad idea! We don't have a microwave here but it is so hot I would just place it outside for a bit. Same effect.