Monday, January 28, 2013

Air, Commitments, Chocolate Cake

Alert: The sky is blue! The air is clear! Our horrible inversion is gone. I am going to go running later today once it warms up. I just have to. I will freeze, but I don't think I care. THE SKY IS BLUE! THE AIR IS CLEAR! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

The "Aquabats Super Show" is now the favorite show to watch. It kicked "Kick Buttowski" off it's pedestal and now the Bat Commander rules Van's life. I will say that it's pretty weird. But it's also pretty awesome. Look it up on Netflix.

I did something I hate doing. I always brag that I never do this, but I did it recently. I loaded up my plate too much. I went through the buffet of family life, church life and personal life and I scooped up heavy portions of commitments. Kid sports, exercise plans, major church callings, cooking class teaching, baby shower organizing, party plans. I don't care to be the one who has a full schedule. I don't think my commitments are a badge of honor. I don't. I like to do the bare minimum all the time. Call me an underachiever. Maybe that's what it is. All I know is that a full plate means I am a bitchy mom and wife. I have to start scaling down and backing out of things. Sorry folks. I like being nice to my husband more than I like feeling important.

With the stress of too much, I eat lots of chocolate. I have a chocolate cake sitting on a pretty pink cake stand in my kitchen. I could eat it all. I probably will. Oh well. I have said chocolate cake because yesterday, we celebrated Ethan's mom's birthday. Carol died over 20 years ago, but we try real hard to have her be apart of our lives. She was known to go out to dinner and order dessert first, because then she could eat as much of it as she wanted and not worry about having to save room for it after dinner. So we ate chocolate cake before dinner last night. It was a hit with the kids. As we ate our dessert, Ethan told the children the things he remembers about his mom. Like how she was a florist and would make beautiful wedding bouquets and floral sprays. Ethan still thinks of his mom when he goes to the grocery store and sticks his head in the floral coolers and sniffs deeply. The smell takes him back every time. I can't tell you how much I wish I knew her. Someday...

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