Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Robert, Pee and Saturday.

Night time. The house is clean and quiet. Well, quiet except for Robert Irvine yelling at some incompetent restaurant owners. And my house smells so good. An orange cream cake just came out of the oven. I have a big food photoshoot tomorrow morning. My orange cream cake is divinity. Dense, sweet, moist and citrusy. And I am certain that Sheena will make it look so pretty.

Violet's potty training has been going really great. Have I told you about how every morning, I am woken up at 6 am by a naked little girl, proclaiming that she has gone potty all by herself. "Mom! I go pee!" Yes, each morning, she wakes up, strips down and pees in the potty. So proud of my nakie baby!

For the last 3 days, Van has worn the same thing. A super hero costume of his own creation. At school, they have made up their own superhero and super power. He is American Eagle and he can fly. And his costume is a pair of long johns, a cape, rain boots and a Batman mask. Basically, he looks awesome all the time.

Jack announced to me that he has moved up to the top level for spelling words at school. My baby can spell the hell out of anything. He also is working really hard on his good behavior at school. I have been making deals with him. The first one was "If you end your school day on the behavior chart at 'way to go', I will clean your bathroom for you on Saturday". It worked like a charm and I cleaned his bathroom for him on Saturday. Next I told him I would do it again if he got "way to go" for two days in a row, I would clean his bathroom again. And it worked, again. I am really enjoying this experiment. It's fascinating me that it is working. Gosh, this kid thing. Like raising kids, it's just a big experiment. My Jack, he is an enigma almost all the time.

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