Monday, February 11, 2013

At the moment

At the moment:

I am still wearing my gym clothes. I went to the gym after taking Jack to school and every machine was occupied and the track was full. I left in a huff. I hate winter. Too many people come to the gym. I am hoping to try again tonight. After leaving the gym, I went to the party store and got Valentines for my babies. It cheered me up.

Violet isn't wearing pants or underwear and is drawing on the chalkboard. Not completely out of the norm.

On the other spectrum, Van is fully clothed, wearing a coat and wearing shoes. He likes to be ready for anything, especially if a friend comes knocking on the door, wanting him to come out to ride bikes.

I am brainstorming some cupcakes. Valentines ones. Vanilla bean with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream? Dark chocolate cupcakes with strawberry buttercream? White chocolate cupcakes with milk chocolate ganache? I have these red polka dot cupcake cups that I am so anxious to use.

There is a basket of laundry waiting at the bottom of the stairs. It is all folded and ready to be put away. Folded all of it while watching "Funny Face" on Netflix. I hope I never run out of old classic movies to watch.

Jack is doing his homework on the ipad. The ipad that is always dirty because I know my kids play on the ipad and then pick their gross little noses and then keep playing games. Barf.

Besides trying to get to the gym tonight, I will also be going to FedEx Kinkos and making final copies of my book to give to my editors. Big deal for me. Emotional deal for me. So much work. The fact is, I could edit my book for years. But I have to just let it go. I feel good about it.

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