Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Gorging themselves on Ethan's crostini chips, 
right after they woke up.

Motherhood for me is all about the experiments. Keeps things interesting. Like my kids are my guinea pigs. This week's experiment: TAKE AWAY ALL THE SNACKS AND SEE HOW THEY REACT! No more graham crackers, tortilla chips, granola bars, etc. Here is how it went.

PROBLEM: Violet and occasionally the boys wake up before me and then proceed to go downstairs and eat their brains out. Chips, bananas, yogurt, etc. And if there is candy, it's always a goner. Then, they don't eat breakfast. Then they snack all day and don't eat meals well.

SOLUTION: Hide all the snacks! And get more satisfaction by hiding them right in front of their little snack-stuffing faces!

So we did that. Ethan and I emptied out the snack cupboard, set everything on the washing machine in the downstairs bathroom and cover them with kitchen towels. They will all walk by the snacks like 10 times a day and not even know it.

The first morning, I caught Violet downstairs, in the kitchen with poop all over her pajamas. She had smashed half a carton of eggs all over the floor and then was attempting to open a bag of hot chocolate to try and eat it. She was kind of like a zoo animal out of their normal habitat. While all of this was a real bummer- MY PLAN WORKED! She didn't eat anything and then ate her bfast like a pro.

A few days later and the snacks are still hidden. And everyone is eating well. I feel like some kind of professor. Like I discovered something new and profound! I don't know if I will ever buy snackies again.

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  1. Bravo Professor Ingram! Thanks for sharing your research.

    My zoo animals dumped the cinnamon sugar and took turns licking it off the floor.