Monday, March 4, 2013


Dear Peaceful Afternoon, thanks for being peaceful. Two littles napping comfortably in their beds. Dinner already prepped. House mildly clean. Son One outside with a basketball and hoop. Without peaceful afternoons, I would go batty.

Dear Ethan, come home already. That St. George sunshine told me it is sick of shining down on you. It doesn't like making your strong arms tan. It hates warming you up while you golf. And it is especially over you wearing shorts.

Dear Jack, holy freaking cow, you will be 8 on Sunday. I distinctly remember holding you as a fresh newborn and not being able to fathom you turning 8.

Dear Beads, there are bowls of you all over the house. Violet has become somewhat obsessed with making necklaces. And sucking on beads. I should probably get her to stop sucking on beads. Not the safest thing in the world.

Dear Lemon Meringue Pie I Made Yesterday, wow, after one taste test bite, I instantly was flooded with memories of Grandma Sally. Her clip-on diamond earrings, the white rocks in her backyard, the fluffy caterpillars in the tall trees, turkey sandwiches with Lays potato chips inside, her brown leather purse, her black coffee, meatloaf, macaroni salad, her Toyota, the smell of WD40 in the garage, lemon drop candy, Lincoln Logs in the basement, that weird hot tub in the basement. I should make that pie more often.

Dear Grocery Bill, we are starting an experiment. An actual grocery budget. I know, who knew I would ever attempt to curb my ability to spend money on food??? I am shooting for $150 a week. Today, I did $134. Not bad. I cut out GoGurts and Van nearly passed out. He flipped when he saw that some lady had GoGurts in her grocery cart and we didn't. His life is so unjust.

Dear Mom, thank you for dinner last night. No, it didn't taste good because I didn't cook it, it tasted good because it was good. Take a compliment, damn it.

Dear Cookbook, we have a deadline. I keep accidentally calling it a due date. But I think that is because you have been my baby, gestating for the last two years. Anyways, your due date is April 19th! By that day, everything needs to be with Bill. By the end of May, you will be here and ready for purchase! I CANNOT believe we are to this point. CANNOT.

Dear Valentines Decor, someday I will take you down.

Dear Lauren, you are such a good sister and aunt. Thanks for babysitting. You are so dependable and I appreciate it so much.

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  1. Randomly here reading your personal thoughts while getting the granola recipe and if you can do $150 a week so can I. I try $200 dollars a week. and I have one less kid!!! You're good. Real good. Especially with all your delicious meals.