Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cows, Spring Break and Crying

Near my house, there are lots of cow fields. They stink a lot and there are cows and horses that roam and munch on hay. During this time of year, there are lots of new baby calves. The fields have all these little brown and black little mounds of fur, napping and nursing. It is a sign of spring and the cutest thing. And it melts my cold, dead heart.

A few days ago, for about 5 hours, I was convinced I was pregnant. I was at the gym early in the morning, in my morning gym daze that I get in. As I ran on the treadmill and Kesha serenaded, I starting coming to terms with being pregnant. I picked out my girl name and boy name and I thought about how I would get health insurance. I tried to formulate a plan on how to get a car that would fit all of the children and what kids would share bedrooms. I tried to think of a way to tell Ethan in a few weeks, after I had finished crying my brains out because I am done having kids. And then I came home and a few hours later, let out a big "HOORAY!" while I was in the bathroom. I came out and Ethan, without looking up from his iPad said, "Let me guess, you aren't pregnant? Congrats." Phew.

It's Spring Break and we aren't doing anything fun. Ethan reminded me that Spring Break when he was little meant that he didn't have to go to school and he would just get to play with friends. Okay then, that is easy enough. I can get behind that. So kids, go outside and leave me alone. I am starting to get really sick of modern motherhood is trying to make me feel guilty for not doing crafts, losing ourselves in a book or spending our days having endless fun. Guess what, my kids can play by themselves for the entire day while I do laundry, make dinner, organize my fridge and write some e-mails. They will live.

The other day, I had a good conversation with some friends about by people homeschooling their kids. In all, I don't really care what people want to do with their kids. But when I hear about people wanting to homeschool because they want to "protect them from the evils of this world and bad influence", I get sad. People, let's not underestimate our abilities as parents. Let's take this world and it's Satan ways and face it head on. Let's be a little more faithful and a little more willing to work hard to mold strong individuals. Don't let the bastards get you down.


  1. "Guess what, my kids can play by themselves for the entire day while I do laundry, make dinner, organize my fridge and write some e-mails. They will live."

    Amen and Amen.

    You have no idea how much I needed to read that today. I am on day 7 of spring break (started Good Friday, ends on the 9th).

    We aren't going anywhere and while I've done my fair share of good mommy things, I need a break.

    Thanks for reminding me of the truth!

  2. K, you hit on two things that get me talking. :) I've been trying really hard to not judge, to let go of my sometimes too-strong opinions. So hopefully I can say this without offending.

    Anyway, I think you are dead on. Both with spring break and with home school. For us, spring break is very simple. It literally means "yay, we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn" and that's about it. I'm sometimes like that with summer, too, although this summer I want to try some simple things. I think if you are into making it a big deal and that is fun for you, awesome. If you want to hang out at home and focus on simplifying your life, awesome. Both have benefits. Right now, I'm into simplifying.

    On the homeschool note, I've gotten myself into trouble before explaining my love for public school so I have to be careful. I'm now of the opinion that if home schooling is something you enjoy, and you can do it in a way that is honestly not taking away from your children's social and emotional growth (not to mention educational,) then that's great.

    Its not what I want for my children though. And this is coming from a family whose kids attend a school that just had a staff member fired and arrested for "lewd acts" with several children. My personal feeling is that the situations that arise in public school help a child to prepare for their lives. They need to learn how to respond to someone who is acting innappropriately, to the teacher that is either just plain terrible or even mean, to the bully who wants to "use and abuse." They will be experiencing those people as adults, so with a parent's guidance, we can help them learn how to handle those situations now. I am still a very involved parent, even though I don't home school my kids. I make sure I know what is happening at school. And I'm not going to let my kids get in a situation that is truly dangerous.

    Anyway, that's my rant. :)

  3. I like you. I just like you a million times over:)

  4. Love your public school. I get it, I understand it, I support my friend's who do it. I am so damned sick of other women feeling the need to put down, roll their eyes at, or put bad stigmas on homeschooling into THEIR kid's heads. I don't need other women concerned about the "social, emotional, and educational" growth of my children. Seriously gag me. (I am saying this as a woman who it really at the end of her rope at the moment---pardon me). I wouldn't dare say or even think of saying things like that to a women who puts their kids in the public school.

    I know that is not what you were saying in your blog post Whitney. But I didn't love Kim's comment. And I hope that when you sit and talk about homeschooling with your friends that you don't think or say those kinds of things about us. We aren't weirdos, we all don't do it for that stupid reason you stated. (Although I am sure some do)

    But geez the part that really got me is questioning homeschooling parent's intent with our kids growing emotionally, educationally, and socially well. Who in the world would someone think they are to question that?

    Sorry maybe I am way too defensive. I just have to deal with this crap from so many people with homeschooling. I am on my last straw with this right now.

    I guess that is my rant for the day. Don't hate me.

    1. i see whitney's remarks on homeschooling differently than you, i guess.

      i didn't see her as trying to tear anyone down, or judge them. she was being encouraging. i don't think she was wrapping every homeschooling parent into a tiny box, either. she was referring to those home schooling parents who DO home school their children only because of their fear of negative worldly influences. (because those parents do exist.) i saw her as praising our generation, and the generation we are raising, saying we are strong, we can be faithful, we don't have to fear exposure.

      don't read to far into it! (insert kissy face emoji)

      and whitney hate you for voicing an opinion? ha! if she hate for things like that, she would've blocked me ages ago! see how i haven't capitalized a single word in this comment? whitney LOVES that.

    2. No she didn't, I said she didn't. I read Kim's comment that ruffled my feathers. Stupidity ruffled my feathers.

  5. wanna know what spring break means for me? it means ellie gets to watch cartoons in the morning for 2 hours, IF she watches piper too, so that i can sleep until 9:30am. win win. win win win win...

    judge me, i dare you.

  6. The last line of your post... I'm dying.

  7. Hahaha this is fantastic. We should be best friends Whitney :)