Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jack's portraits with Ashley Thalman

Last month, I had Jack get some portraits done with Ashley Thalman at her studio in Provo. I have known Ashley for years and I like her simple approach to photography. Never over-photoshopped or crazy props. Just my son. How he is. How I want to remember him when he is grown and gone. Ashley is incredibly good with children. That is where she shines. She let Jack take over the creativity of the shoot and let him have the ideas. Hence, he is photographed with popcorn and water. Both were his idea. And probably the idea of any other 8 year old. And I also appreciate that she got a picture of the dog tags he wears at all times. So very Jack. 

If you ever want portraits of your children, I highly recommend Ashley


  1. My word in heaven, you and Ethan have yourselves a little man there. I can't believe how he's grown! Your family is so incredibly beautiful, Whitney.

  2. Love!! And yes, this is totally JACK! I love that she captured him so perfectly!! :)

  3. amazing. that first pic is perfect.