Sunday, April 21, 2013

Roast, Blooms and SCREAM!

At the moment, dinner is in the oven. Two pot roasts. And then there will be gravy, white rice, steamed green beans and chocolate cream pie. Happy Sunday, ya'll. This is how we roll.

Someone gave a talk in church today, some high council guy, and he said the most infuriating thing. I can't get over it. He said that girls and women need to dress modestly because then they aren't a temptation to men and boys. SCREAAAAMMMMMM!!!!! Are you kidding me? The female race is responsible for male thoughts? It is our fault if they screw up and get too handsy during a makeout session? It is our fault that they might be tempted to look at porn by what we wear? It's our fault if we get sexually assaulted? This type of stuff makes me so mad. Makes me mad that my daughter could be taught that someday. Makes me mad that we don't give our boys enough credit. The fact is this: I dressed very modestly in my teen years and guess what, I got in plenty of trouble with boys. We should be modest for ourselves. Our own preference. We should have our own personal testimony of modesty. Dear High Council Guy, you are so far off base. Please bless no one heard you but me.

(Phew. Breath deeply.)

Oh! Guess what! My cookbook is finished!!! Sheen and I got everything turned in last Friday and we are DONEZO! I have had people asking me about my cookbook for the last two years. Every time, I would say, "Still just plugging away. In the middle of editing/recipe development/photographing." Today at church, I got to say, "I am done! Expect to be able to buy it at the end of May!" So people, the end of May. I will keep you updated. As for now, we start the design and formatting process with my project manager. This is the fun part.

Last week, I think I got hit by a drunk driver in the school parking lot. I was waiting in the carpool line and some lady behind me hit the back of my car. I got out, she started to back up off my car. Once she did, she then did something and hit my car again. Then backed up again and got out. She looked totally drunk. Or maybe stoned. Under the influence of something. I told her it wasn't a big deal because my car already had a ding where she hit it (bonus of driving a 10 year old car? You don't care about it.). She loopily said "Okay. Sorry." and then got back in her car. Anyways, as I drove away, I put the puzzle pieces together in my head and I am pretty sure she was drunk. Kinda funny, but not really.

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year. Flower and herb potting day! Each spring, I go to the nursery and pick out a few blooms, some dirt and herbs and go home and create my favorite part of spring and summer. So excited!


  1. Stay away from the drunks in the carpool line! So proud of you and your cookbook. That's really quite an accomplishment.

  2. I am so excited to buy your book. Just the fact that you decided to do it and then you did it is amazing. So excited for you!

  3. I usually agree with most of the things you say.. but this time I think the high councel guy was right on. Of course the female race is not responsible for male thoughts but it's a no brainer to dress modestly so we don't provoke impure thoughts. He's not asking you to wear a sheet over your head.. Just cover them boobies so it's not so much of a temptation. I get it.

  4. I cringed as well. I try to teach my daughters we dress modestly for ourselves and God. We are temples and need to treat our bodies as such. I hate the rational that men are too lame to have control over their thoughts and actions. I have more faith in men than that. Men need to dress modestly as well. Tired of shirtless runners.

  5. Ummmm...I totally agree with you. So basically we should all wear sweat suits to the beach/pool now and turtle necks with men around just in case that makes them have impure thoughts? I have to be honest, I am not a modest person. Never have been. I dress modest because I am supposed to, the end. Guess what...I've seen some girls wearing completely modest clothing and even I thought, "dang her boobs look great in that". So yeah, our thoughts are our own. Does that make sense? It's late and I'm rambling, but one last thought. Nothing peeves me more that girls who expect others to dress "overly" modest because that is what makes them feel comfortable. Cheese people! I swear I wouldn't last one day in Utah. I love me some shirtless runners...

    P.S. Excited for your cookbook. I expect every recipe to have avocado...