Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Day of Mothers.

January 2013, when it was literally 3 degrees outside. 

Today is the day of mother's. It's been a good one. I mean, I took a 4 hour nap. How bad can that be? Not bad at all. I also woke up to a pan of brownies that I told my husband to make for me while I slept. This morning, I was given an incredibly eloquent, wonderful card from my husband and some gifts. He has always been good at writing letters and cards to me. I have a big stack of them in my dresser. I make him read them when he is mad at me. I got another nice one to add to the pile today.

Van gave me a plaster hand print he made in preschool and it melted my heart into a puddle. Something about that boy. Something about him growing up has been killing me. I think it is because I have watched his older brother and I have seen how much school made him grow up. Van is such a sensitive little guy. So compassionate and tender. I know that he will change so much in kindergarten. Thank heavens I am waiting a year until I send him.

Jack gave me a little book and a letter. The lettered started with "Dear Whitney....." Yes, I suppose we are on a first-name basis now. Jack is getting baptized in a few weeks and I am feeling a lot of peace about it. I had been so worried about it in the last few months. Feeling like we hadn't prepared him enough. We really wanted him to make the choice to be baptized on his own. No cultural pressure, which can happen here in Happy Valley. But lately, I know he is a ready. I don't how I know, I just do. And I feel great about it. June 1 is going to be a good day.

Violet gave me a little cut out of her hand attached to a popsicle stick with some green leaves. It's her "hand flower" as she calls it. Violet got kicked out of nursery today for yelling and throwing the chalkboard eraser. So we had a little "come to Jesus" in the foyer and she pulled it together and then went back. I also had to calm her down with some of my chocolate popcorn our church gave out to all the moms today.

Motherhood made me. Having to be responsible and serve so selflessly helped me grow up. I had my first baby at 21. I was a baby having a baby. But looking back, I was so discombobulated. For me, I had to have a baby at a young age. It helped me figure everything else out. I needed the delicate responsibility to look outside myself and become me, all at the same time. So thanks kids, you did a good job raising a mom.

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  1. Just lovely....all of it. I can relate. I had mine very young, also, and we, too, raised each other. Happy Mother's Day to you all!