Friday, May 10, 2013

At the moment

That was hilarious when I thought I was going to blog all of May. I am adorable. I failed because my life is a big pile of to-dos and it isn't even because I volunteer for crap. I just have a lot all the time. This morning, I told my sister Haley to not let her two little girls grow up. Once your kids grow up, they get involved in more crap and then people think that because you have an older kid, you need to be involved in more crap. They think I am mature or something. If people only knew that I am just a baby. I am not even 30 yet. I just want to go back to bed everyday.

Wow, I just read over that and I sound crazy. Oh well, I am leaving it.

At the moment: 

I am on the couch and air conditioning is softly humming away. I don't like to feel overly cold or hot, so my house is always the perfect temperature.

I have a bunch of boys running around my house and playing some game that has to do with them kicking a ball over my house. I occasionally bark at them when they leave a door open. I need popsicles for these ruffians.

Violet is with Ethan at Home Depot looking for some sprinkler parts. A busted sprinkler pipe under our lawn makes it feel like a grass water bed. Once they get back, I have to figure out some type of food substance of the dinner variety to shove down my kids' gullets. Then the boys will head to a baseball game at UVU and Violet and I will be getting ice cream and going to the park. I sort of hate separating the girls and boys like that. It's lame. The only reason Violet and I aren't going is because she would be a spicy beast if we took her to a baseball game. Maybe next year...

Mother's Day is in two days and all I asked for was ice cream and a big fat nap. Like the kind of nap that has ear plugs and a box fan. I can't wait. Ethan says he has a great Mother's Day gift for me, and $2039539463094 says it has to do with the kitchen. He always gets me kitchen stuffs.

Speaking of kitchen stuffs, I got my two favorite kitchen knives sharpened today. I just wanna cut stuff up now. What are my favorite kitchen knives? Google Calphalon Katana Series. They have a small enough handle for my small hands and they aren't too heavy.

We have a ton of meat in our fridge. Tomorrow night, we are doing a dinner for some people that won a silent auction at a church fund raiser. We offered up a BBQ dinner for 8 people and it was the highest bidding item of the night. Last night, while laying in bed, Ethan and I were planning out the menu and Ethan stopped the conversation and pointed out that we had been talking about barbecue sauce for 10 minutes. Just barbecue sauce. We are awesome. Don't be jealous.

I have been getting e-mails from my cookbook project manager and every time he sends me an email, my heart starts pounding. Today's emails were about getting started approving interior designs. Seeing my recipes formatted like a real live book is so surreal. I have waited for this for such a long time and put in a ton of work. You guys are going to love it. I just know it.

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