Friday, May 3, 2013

BLOG ALL OF MAY: Things that make me uncomfortable

Today's Blog All of May's prompt is things that make me uncomfortable.

1. Racism. I can't take racist jokes, stereotypes and just plain prejudice. I always think, "What makes you think you are any better than them? You are just as trashy and stupid as you are saying they are." So as a tip, don't talk to me about how Provo High "is just so full of Mexicans! I am going to send my teenagers to a different school." I want to punch your ignorant face. Diversity is great people!

2. In the same vein as racism, I really get uncomfortable when people talk negatively about homosexuality. And if you are talking to me and you say that something is "gay", I get super bugged. Just stop. If you are still living in the dark ages and you use "gay" as a derogatory term, just stop. Please stop.

3. People talking about politics in church. The fact is, Mormons aren't all republicans. There used to be a lot more republican Mormons, but people are changing and change is good. Thinking for yourself is good. So there are times that things get dicey in church classes when someone brings up gay marriage or health care. Leave it at home, folks.

4. Running into people from high school. I lived in Southern California for 5 1/2 years when I got married and I never saw anyone I went to high school with. That was nice. Now, I see people all the time and I hate it. If I wanted to talk to you, I would have kept in touch after high school. One time, some guy came up to me and was all "Whitney Peterson! How are you?!" And I said, "Who? My name isn't Whitney." I lie sometimes. It's best for everyone.

5. The size of my legs. The fact is this: I will always have thicker legs. I just will. But I should be grateful. They are really strong and they can do hard things. Like take me on runs for miles. And I did climb Mt. Timpanogos last fall, all 16 miles. But dang it, they will never be long and willowy. Just short and thick. Oh well.


  1. Yet's like you're narrating my thoughts!

    It's bliss here in Southern California where I can go to the store without running into someone I know. I try and avoid Macy's every time I in provo, but when I do happen to be there I keep my head down the whole time so as to avoid that awkward conversation with questions like "Where do you live now", or "How many kids do you have". If you were my friend now you would know that right?

    My legs and I have this love hate relationship. My calves are sooo very muscular. I love them because I am strong and can do hard things. I don't love them because I can't find knee high boots that fit, and they are bigger than most mens calves.

    I will say I would rather have muscular defined calves then none at all!

    AS for the racist and gay jokes I am over it and verbally call people out on it. My brother recently came out to our family and you wouldn't believe some of the people who judged us in the town our family is pretty well known in. LOVE PEOPLE...only LOVE!

  2. People suck. Well...closed minded people suck. I totally accept you how you are and think you are totally fabulous Whitney! You are one of the few people I would be delighted to run into in Utah. :) and the other one...I hate when people still refer to things as 'retarded'. So ignorant and insensitive.

  3. I have long thin legs but the giant torso up top kind of screws it all up. Imagine a pear with two toothpicks sticking out. Attractive!

  4. I like to say gah a lot in comments and I realized a few weeks ago it autocorrects to gay so I have left a really nice impression of myself everywhere. Also when I met you the other day I didn't realize how tiny you are! I have had all my babies and need to get to work. You look awesome!