Wednesday, May 1, 2013


So Jennie is doing this blogging everyday in May thing. I think I will do it. Or at least give it an honest effort. This might be a stupid choice because this month is pretty nutso. School is getting out, my book is coming out, Ethan's work is busy and I have to start thinking about girl's camp and doing something with those thoughts.

What should I blog about? Well, I could tell you about my cookbook, which is scheduled to go live on Amazon on June 1. Let's hope we hit that date. I will keep you posted. I just got the cover design proofs yesterday. It's crazy seeing my name on the cover. Kinda exciting! Also on June 1st, my first born will get baptized. It's a pretty big deal. I have to plan a luncheon of sorts for that. I also think I have to find him a suit. That's what you do, right? Your child getting baptized has to look like a 10 on their special day. I think that's how it goes.

I could also blog about my grand plans of filling my kids' summer with all sorts of classes, sports and day camps. I am going into this summer with a plan instead of winging it like I usually do. My only big concern is that I might not get to take very many naps like I did last summer. Last summer was the SUMMER OF NAPS. I took at least a 2 hour nap almost everyday. It was glorious. And restful.

Another thing to blog about would be how I have gained 8 pounds. Weight gain for me is a sign of stress. When I am stressed, I eat treats. Lots of chocolate. And preferably of the baked variety. Time for some more spin class and less brownies. Boo. But on a side note, I have been craving a super good burger. Like an amazing burger.

I should blog about my daughter having anger management issues. Today, she got mad and ripped up one of my geraniums. So we talked about the way to properly get angry. Stomp on the ground, throw stuffed animals and hit the pillows on her bed. When we went to counseling with Jack last year, we learned that anger is fine. You can be angry. But there are right and wrong ways to express it. 

Should I blog about my dream last night? Like I may or may not have had a dream that I had a penis enlargement surgery. I woke up so scared. 


  1. You're hilarious. Maybe I should blog May too. I've bees such a sucky blogger the last year.

  2. I noticed it was enlarging a penis, not adding one. Is there something you want to tell us?