Sunday, June 2, 2013

Meekly Weal Plan

WAHOO! School is out! Let the fun begin! (Trying to think positive thoughts.) We made a big summer fun list to give us ideas of things to keep is busy. Everything from hikes to museums to water parks. We already did one thing last week. The zoo and it was a grand time. I always like the elephants the best. This time, the baby elephant threw her trunk over her head and and knelt down to nurse under her mama. Cutest.

This week, we are going swimming at the new rec center a few cities over. Also this week, screen time is being drastically cut down. I am also boxing up most of the toys. Like 75% of them. Sick of cleaning up toys that my kids just throw on the floor and don't play with. Something about summer starting makes me want change things up around here. Let's hope my changes last!

Another great thing- GRILL TIME. Lots of grilling this week. Pizza, chicken, hot dogs.

Monday: Grilled hot dogs that Ethan is obsessing over since he tried them at Costco the other day and leftover pasta salad. Leftover from Jack's baptism dinner on Saturday night. Artichoke hearts make it.

Tuesday: Grilled teriyaki chicken and foil-grilled green beans. On the grill, I am going to reduce the marinade in a little sauce pan. I like a thick dipping sauce with teriyaki chicken.

Wednesday: Swim Day at my parent's house and it's always bring your own meat and a side dish. I am bringing hot dogs and some bacon potato salad.

Thursday: I wash my hands of them. I am going to dinner with friends. Ethan, feed our kids.

Friday: Grilled pepperoni pizza. Ever since I figured out that bread flour makes the best pizza crust, I have been obsessed with homemade pizza. And grilled pizza is one of my faves.

Saturday: Rotini pasta with bacon and greens. And lots of shaved parmesan.

Sunday: Grilled chicken tacos, corn on the cob, watermelon and creamy chocolate peanut butter bars. So excited to make this dessert! It's exactly my kind of dessert. Creamy peanut butter and chocolate. Uh huh.

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