Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer To-Do List

Two cute boys, doing one of the best summer things ever. 
Laying on the hot concrete after swimming. Feel so dang good. 

The last few summers have been pretty lame. I haven't been good at planning things and I have had a little baby and a couple toddlers. They can really rain on your parade and ruin anything fun. This year, I have busted into summer with guns blazing. We WILL have a good summer. WE WILL. I signed up both my boys for a few summer camps at TGP and Jack is going to scout camp, basketball camp and is signed up for baseball. We also made a list of things we want to do so that we don't find ourselves bored. I have made three little creatures of routine and they need a plan or they have meltdowns. Like I can't say, "Oh, we will just see what happens when we get there." They do not compute. THERE ALWAYS HAS TO BE A PLAN! I hate that I have made them that way. This list helps with that. Anyways, I was at the park with my friend Lisa today and we were talking summer plans and I couldn't remember anything on our to-do list. So here it is. Maybe you get an idea or two. Or maybe come with us?

Hang Time trampoline place
Fourth of July BBQ with the neighborhood
Hogel Zoo
School Playground
Hill Airforce Base
Hike Stewart Falls
Hike the Y
Camping in the backyard
Cowabunga Bay
Tour Camp Floyd
New Provo Rec Center
Saratoga Spring Marina BBQ
Gateway Kids Museum
Hike Battle Creek Falls
Timpanogos Cave
Payson Lakes
Bee's Baseball Game
Lehi Round-Up Rodeo
Tie-dye t-shirts
Neighborhood Family Kickball Game
Tracy Aviary
Squaw Peak
Dollar Movies
South Fork Family BBQ
Discovery Park
Thanksgiving Point Children's Gardens

If we are missing something- tell me! I need to add it!

The ones highlighted in yellow are things we have already done. Next week is Hill Air Force Base! If you are there, look for us. You will notice two little boys that are dressed to the nines in all of their camo gear, marching around like they own the place. It's only a little awkward.


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  2. Is this what you meant by Dollar movies?

  3. And there's also fun stuff at Wheeler Farm.

  4. I love it when you share your Summer lists! I have one for you to add.. Vanessa Brown and I want to meet so I want to plan a picnic playdate at my sister-in-law's house in Heber. Both of us also want to meet your friend Sheena (my sis wants to talk homeschooling with her) so why not we all get together, eat yummy food, and let our kids play hard.