Friday, June 14, 2013

Today, for no special reason

Today I talked to my sister Megan on the phone. Her life is so much more exciting than mine is. It wasn't always that way. But then she got a divorce from her a-hole ex-"wasband" and her life is a thrill ride of dramatics, tragedies and victories.

I have spent my evening with a bottle of peachy orange nail polish, chocolate-covered coconut almonds and "Arrested Development". I am currently on season 2 and I want to hang out with Buster. I think he is my favorite. I might start a petition for my husband to start watching this show. He still hasn't after all these years and he won't listen to me when I say he should. Would you sign my petition?

Jack spent the afternoon tricking out his remote control monster truck. All monster trucks have an intimidating, tough name and Jack has named his "Ambush". He gave it a shiny new sign and some stripy duct tape embellishments. He then jumped it off the bike ramp endlessly. During all that, Van was distraught that his new tiny plastic army guys from our neighbor didn't have good guys and bad guys. They were all the same color! HELP! HOW WILL I KNOW WHO IS BAD AND GOOOOOOOOOD! Never fear, we have spray paint. So we spray painted half of them red and then it looked more like the good guys and the blood bath guys. But he was satisfied.

Violet was sick all day. Fever with no other symptoms besides being livid at anyone that sat on the same couch as her or glanced her way. She watched movies literally all day and ate nothing but the expensive deli meat from the fridge. She ended the day with yelling at me for painting her finger nails in the very color she selected and then demanded I rub her back while she fell asleep. Despite all that, I just love the girl. I can't help it. 

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