Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun facts

Fun fact: Van broke his arm while I was at Girl's Camp. Yep, fell off the playground monkey bars and snapped both bones in his left arm. I believe it is called a radius ulna break. Luckily, I was coming home from camp that evening anyways to return the refrigerated trailer the next day, so it wasn't a huge deal to have to come home. The next day, I took Van to the ER and they had to reset his arm. He handled it like a champ. Wasn't put out, just got a big dose of Lortab. The next few days had a little bit of pain, but he has been just fine. He goes in to get his cast on Monday. He has made it no big deal and I often forget I have a kid with a broken arm. And might I add, he is our first broken bone. Cheers to VANNY!

Fun fact: I have been to the local community center, the Legacy Center, 13 times this week. Jack had basketball camp and I have been hitting the hell out of the gym. I could drive to the Legacy Center in my sleep. And sometimes I practically do. Like when I went to spin class at 5am yesterday.

Fun fact: I have lost 4 pounds in 4 days. How? By eating nothing exciting and by going to the gym and sweating like a stinky teenage boy. Time to shed those stress-eating pounds from doing Girls Camp!

Fun fact: My book is just about done. I get asked about my dear ol' cookbook a lot. And that is a good thing! Yes, she should have been out by now, but we did a cover redesign and that took some time. But now it's done and we are ready to roll!  We have to get it uploaded and formatted and then I have to approve a physical copy and then we are prepped for Amazon. My project manager said that it should be done no later than 4 weeks. Guys, I am giving birth to my 4th baby in 4 weeks!

Fun fact: Violet wants a tea set. Her little neighbor pal has one and ever since they played tea party last week, she has been asking about one. Have an extra one you want to get rid of? Let me know!

Fun fact: Ethan is now helping out our neighbor and is going to be an assistant coach to a high school softball team. They had softball camp last week and he was surprised at how much he likes showing kids how to play. But he especially likes taking the pitching machine, turning it up as high as it goes and then rotating it up to the sky and shooting up pop flies and making the girls catch them. He might never grow up and I hope he doesn't.

Fun fact: Because Ethan loves baseball so much, I probably know more about the LA Dodgers than anyone else you know. Mostly by force, not by choice.

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  1. I'm glad you took the time to do a cover redesign, because the inside looks so good and the cover should be equally as great! I'm sad that you are forced to know so much about such a boring sport though...