Friday, August 23, 2013


Dear Van, you have been an incredible stud about your broken arm. You never complain. Not even about the itching. If it itches, you just quietly leave the room and go get a butter knife to shove into your cast and itch away. I have been so surprised at how brave you have been. The only time you cried was when they set your arm. It has been good for me as your mama to see how tough you have been. I have always identified you as my sensitive, emotional child. But I have been seeing you so differently lately. So quietly brave. I love you boy.

Dear Hot Glue Gun, this house wouldn't survive without you. We seem to be hot glueing something every few days. Today it was Violet's magic wand, which she calls her "magic lawnd".

Dear Giant Basil Plant in the Backyard, I give you permission to stop growing. I can't keep up with you and your demand for watering everyday.

Dear Jack's New School Teacher, You should feel lucky you have my boy in your class. He is top-notch. Over the first few weeks of school, I am sure you will notice that he is so helpful. He takes responsibility well. Take advantage of that. You will also notice that he is sensitive to kids with special needs. He gets it. He knows that they need a friend and he will be the one to do it. I can't wait for you to see how great he is.

Dear Hard-Boiled Eggs, Violet can't quit you. She ate 4 of you yesterday. Surely there are some adverse effects she will experience for eating so many eggs. But I keep letting her. They are a cheap, healthy snack and she can peel them herself. It makes her feel like a big girl.

Dear Cookbook, you arrived on my doorstep on Tuesday and it was incredibly surreal. I have been wanting to write a cookbook for maybe the last 4 years. For some reason, it just seemed like a great project. And I wanted to see a finished product. I have imagined it for years. And then the moment came. And it was just as great as I thought it would be. I wasn't an emotional mess until I posted a picture of the book on my Instagram and I saw people's supportive, excited comments. And there were text messages and emails. To see people so kind was so overwhelming. From this point, Sheena and I need to go over the proof and look for any last minute text and formatting corrections. I do know that I want to add 4 more tablespoons of butter to the buttermilk biscuit recipe... We are about 2 weeks away from release!

Dear Cooking Classes, teaching you has been more fun that I could have imagined. I have always known that I wanted to teach cooking classes. I love showing people how to do something that makes me so happy. I want them to love it as much as me. I approached Nesha at The Kitchen Classes last year and "applied" for the job. I say "applied" because it was more like me saying, "Hey dude, I love to teach people to cook. I have no formal education. I just like to cook. So how 'bout it?" The first class was last May and I was NERVOUS. But after my hands stopped shaking, it was fun! So I have kept at it. My last class was a few weeks ago and I have 3 more coming up. The next one is 30 minute meals and it will be on September 12. It's in Provo and $35. You should come. I promise to feed you, teach you and show you a good time. Click HERE to sign up.


  1. so many reasons this is awesome. congrats on a good looking book. cant wait to see inside. i love it already for so many things....the food, the writer, the photographer. well done. ethan done good when he got you! whitney taking the world by storm. very nice....oh and if i lived in UT, i would so take your class, just for the fun of it :)

  2. love everything about this. congrats on the cookbook, I know I already told you, but this really is such a big deserve people to be excited for you!

    maybe I should come to a class, it may inspire me to stop eating out. :)